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Preview: Santa’s Naughty Elf: A Christmas Carol at South Shields Customs House


Santa’s Naughty Elf: A Christmas Carol
South Shields Customs House
Saturday 2nd December  - Sunday 24th  December 2017

Santa’s Naughty Elf is back with an all-new show at The Customs House this Christmas.

Wayne Miller as Elfluent in
Santa’s Naughty Elf: A Christmas Carol
And audiences will get to know a lot more about Elfluent and the root of his naughty ways when the mischievous elf travels through time. Santa’s Naughty Elf: A Christmas Carol is inspired by the Charles Dickens classic and is once again written and directed by Wayne Miller, from South Shields.
Wayne, who also stars as Elfluent for the ninth year running, said: “Elfluent is back and what a pleasure it is to be able to say that. After all these years, I take great pride in knowing a character I created many years ago is still so popular. 

Knowing that myself and my team get to make Christmas for so many will always be a special thing. I am a huge Dickens fan, so the idea of using A Christmas Carol as a story base, to see into the past of Elfluent, seemed like a winner.  Our audience this year will see what kind of crimes against Christmas The Naughty Elf caused in his younger days. Also, could we find out why he became naughty in the first place?" 

(l-r) Eleanor Faye, Jayden Blacklock, Nik Grundison and
Sara-Jayne White as Elflinda, Elfreda, Elfrancis and
Elflorence in Santa’s Naughty Elf: A Christmas Carol.
“I have put together a brand new cast this year, a cast who I know will knock it out of the park and make this year’s Santa’s Naughty Elf the best one yet! As always, we promise a festive treat that will feature songs aplenty, interactive fun, bad jokes and a whole heap of Christmas spirit, so once again we look forward to making this a year to remember for our fantastic audiences.”
Wayne will be joined by Jordan Calling, from Sunderland, as Elfrankie, who recently played The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz at The North Pier Theatre in Blackpool.
Elflorence will be played by Sara-Jayne White, from Newcastle, star of Wendy the Witch and the Long Lost Spell at The Customs House, which is also written and directed by Wayne.

(l-r) Jayden Blacklock, Eleanor Faye and Nik Grundison as Elfreda,
Elflinda and Elfrancis in Santa’s Naughty Elf: A Christmas Carol.
She said: “I am delighted to be returning to The Customs House after Wendy the Witch. It’s great to return to work with Wayne and join the cast of Santa’s Naughty Elf. I’m so pleased to get to spend Christmas there – and of course, with Santa Claus himself.”
Jayden Blacklock, who was last seen as Kattrin in Mother Courage and her Children at the University of Sunderland and is also leader and director of The Customs House Youth Theatre, will play Elfreda.  
Eleanor Faye, from Washington, returns from directing Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in Italy to play Elflinda and Nik Grundison, from Edinburgh, who played Cat in the UK tour of Tweet Town, plays Elfrancis.
Santa’s Naughty Elf: A Christmas Carol runs from Saturday 2nd December  until Sunday 24th  December 2017. For performance times and tickets, which are priced £10 and include a gift from Santa, contact the box office on (0191) 454 1234 or visit

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