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News: Rachael Stirling & Alec Newman Star in Love In The Lockdown - Online


Rachael Stirling & Alec Newman Star in

Love In The Lockdown


Thursday 4 March to Sunday 23 May 2021


By Clare Norburn

Directed by Nicholas Renton


Leading actors of the stage and screen Rachael Stirling and Alec Newman are set to star in a new topical online play with music, due to be released in nine episodes on YouTube next month from 4 March to 23 May 2021. 

The drama, directed by Nicholas Renton (BAFTA-nominated Mrs Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters, Musketeers, A Room With A View, Lewis, Silent Witness), follows medieval musician Emilia (Stirling) and playwright Giovanni (Newman) in the early stages of an intense relationship, which starts with awkward early Zoom dates just before lockdown. Each short episode will be streamed in real time on the anniversary of some of the key points in Lockdown 1.0. Comedian, Impressionist and Actor Jon Culshaw has a cameo as the voice of Boris Johnson in episode 3.

Rachael Stirling -Photo: Mike Blackett

Over 3 months, the separated lovers get closer. They also work on a project together, inspired by The Decameron by Boccaccio, a “14th Century box set” of 100 stories told by young people to while away their quarantine during the Black Death in Florence in 1348. Giovanni reimagines this work, drawing out parallels with the COVID-19 pandemic, while Emilia and her ensemble, played by real medieval music group The Telling, plan the music.

However, their relationship ultimately gets tested and the challenges they face lead them on a soul-searching journey to discover their artistic truth. 

The drama is written by playwright and soprano Clare Norburn, with music performed by Norburn’s music ensemble The Telling, who are renowned for their concertplays which immerse audiences in a world where music and theatre collide.

Rachael Stirling comments: “Clare’s beautiful piece dramatises a lockdown experience of a live musician with the generous, funny and painful insight of her first-hand experience. She has written a drama for every creative who was told to retrain.”


Alec Newman - Photo: Stuart McClymont

Norburn was Inspired to write this play following her own experience of navigating a relationship long-distance during lockdown, the playwright says of the storyline: “I realised recently that I have written a kind of “La La Land in a pandemic” in that it follows an intense relationship between lovers from two different artistic worlds, music and drama, and how they ultimately learn through the relationship what their artistic truth is. Love in the Lockdown also charts the devastating effect the pandemic is having on those working in the Arts, with Emilia forced to stack shelves in order to pay her rent.”

Love in the Lockdown will be directed and filmed entirely over Zoom and by actors and musicians on their phones and recording devices. Each episode will be released on YouTube in real time, a year on from the point in 2020. The series can also be viewed in its entirety from 23 – 31 May.


Love In the Lockdown will be free to watch.

4 March – 23 May.  The series can also be viewed in its entirety from 23 – 31 May.



Episode 1: Thursday 4th March 2021, 2pm

Episode 2: Friday 5th March 2021, 6pm

Episode 3: Tuesday 23rd March 2021, 8pm

Episode 4: Wednesday 24th March 2021, 5.15pm

Episode 5: Thursday 15th April 2021, 5pm

Episode 6: Wednesday 5th May 2021, 10am

Episode 7: Thursday 13th May 2021, 6pm

Episode 8: Saturday 15th May 2021, 11am

Episode 9: Sunday 23rd May 2021, 7pm



Emilia                                                              Rachael Stirling

Giovanni                                                          Alec Newman

Venetia                                                            Leila Mimmack

Voice of Boris Johnson                                   Jon Culshaw

News announcer/Giovanni’s Mum                 Suzanne Ahmet

Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Teresa Banham

Chantelle                                                         Anna Demetriou

Esme                                                               Patience Tomlinson

Emilia’s ensemble:                                          The Telling

Clare Norburn, voice

Ariane Prüssner, voice, medieval harp, percussion

Joy Smith, harps and percussion

Jorge Jimenez, Vielle (early violin)


Creative And Production Team

Writer                                                              Clare Norburn

Director                                                           Nicholas Renton

Music arranged & performed by                     The Telling

Producer                                                         Clare Norburn

Production Assistant & Editor                         Stephanie Williams

Preview: John Scott Delusions online


John Scott's Show on Mental Health

Re-written & Streaming to your Home

Delusions (Rebooted) @  Online Via Felt Nowt Comedy 

Friday 5th March 2021

6.30 - 7.30 pm


In 2017 award winning comedian John Scott came out of the closet and wrote a new solo show about his life as someone with an acute mental health condition.

At that point he had been a comedian for 18 years and this was the first time he had ever gone through any kind of disclosure. He was genuinely frightened by the idea of what he was doing. Prior to even having performed a solitary word of the show, he ended up discussing his experiences on a very prominent BBC Radio Show. A lot of people that knew him heard this interview and their reactions genuinely surprised him. First, he was surprised that nobody knew of his struggles, he’d kept it that well-hidden. Secondly, he was surprised at how positive and supportive everybody was.

Since writing the show he has worked with mental health groups, spoke at conferences, and become a vocal voice in the pursuit of reducing stigma around mental health.  

His show Delusions examines diagnosis and how becoming a comedian actually made the professionals change their minds as to how they had diagnosed him. It also, as it typical of John, takes a hard look at the current world and considers just how much those in power are responsible for our poor wellbeing. You can trust he’ll have a few things to say about a certain pandemic and those responsible for choosing how we deal with it. 

This is another show from local comedy promoters Felt Nowt Productions who are the only comedy company run by comedians for comedians and is dedicated to presenting the best quality stand-up comedy to venues throughout the North East and Cumbria.

Felt Nowt are a Community Interest Company which means all of their profits are put back into the business to help them to provide community outreach and events that benefit our communities.


Edinburgh Evening News.

“Always plays a blinder. Never hits a dry patch. People were literally in tears of laughter.”


The Observer

“Among the top 5 comics emerging from Scotland.”


The Skinny

“A genuinely gifted comedian.”


100% Biker

“Possibly the funniest Scotsman alive.”


Suitable for 16 +

Tickets:  £5.00 per household from 


Preview: The Serial Killer Next Door with Emma Kenny at Newcastle Tyne Theatre

The Serial Killer Next Door with Emma Kenny

Newcastle Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Thursday 9th September 2021


Tickets are now on sale from our affiliate Eventim UK: #Ad

Notable psychological therapist and crime commentator, Emma Kenny, will discuss the mind and motives of some of the most notorious serial killers in this fascinating show. Emma Kenny has presented over 70 Crime shows (including Britain’s Darkest Taboos, Lady Killers, and The Killer in My Family) analysing some of the most heinous crimes both here in the UK and the States, exploring what makes a killer, and why some people can be born into seemingly normal families, brought up without fear, or abuse, yet still choose a murderous path.

Emma will take the audience on a journey, looking at what ingredients of possibility lead to body counts by killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Paul Knowles. Looking at questions such as; what creates a serial killer, and could anything have prevented their potential being activated, or were they simply born to kill? How, and why do they select their victim, and is there anything anyone can do to protect themselves from such a sinister predator?


Tickets are now on sale from our affiliate Eventim UK: #Ad

Preview: By The Waters of Liverpool at Darlington Hippodrome


Liverpool Play Returns To The Stage


Helen Forrester’s play By The Waters of Liverpool is coming to Darlington Hippodrome in September.


By The Waters of Liverpool

Darlington Hippodrome

Wednesday 15th - Thursday 16th September 2021


The acclaimed stage production of Helen Forrester’s By The Waters Of Liverpool was cut short last March after just three venues into a seventeen venue tour; but now producers have announced the continuation of their UK tour in Autumn 2021.


Sian Reeves and Mark Moraghan as Mother and Father

Writer and Co-producer Rob Fennah said: “When we launched By The Waters Of Liverpool last year the response was so overwhelming we were determined not to let the pandemic get the better of us. We have a mantra when things get tough, ‘don’t give up – don’t give in!’


“By The Waters is not only returning to the stage in September, it is going to be bigger, bolder and more glorious than ever.”


Co-producer Bill Elms added: “With the vaccine roll-out going so well, we can now see the light at the end of a dark tunnel for the theatre industry and we just hope people will feel safe enough to come back in their droves; embracing theatre and live performance more than ever before.”


Roy Carruthers, Lucy Dixon and Mark Moraghan

The stellar cast featured star names from stage and screen, including Sian Reeves, Mark Moraghan, Parry Glasspool, Lucy Dixon, Eric Potts, Lynn Francis, Danny O’Brien, Roy Carruthers, and Chloe McDonald.


By The Waters Of Liverpool is set in the 1930s after Helen’s father went bankrupt during the Depression. Her family were forced to leave behind the nannies, servants and comfortable middle-class life in the South West of England. The Forrester’s chose Liverpool to rebuild their shattered lives, but they were in for a terrible shock. Taken out of school to look after her young siblings, Helen is treated as an unpaid slave. So begins a bitter fight with her parents for the right to go out to work and make her own way in life. But by 1939 and with Britain on the verge of war, Helen now aged 20, has still never been kissed by a man. But things start looking up for her when she meets a tall strong seaman and falls in love.


Photos: Anthony Robling



By The Waters of Liverpool runs at Darlington Hippodrome on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September. For full details or to book please visit


Preview: Most Free from Ellen Hathaway Dance Company -Online Stream

Most Free - Ellen Hathaway Dance Company

Online Stream

From Friday 2nd April 2021


Ellen Hathaway Dance Company releases their first ever feature length dance documentary ‘Most Free’, created over the past 10 months throughout the global pandemic.

The global pandemic meant original plans for EHDC were put on hold as communities all over the world were challenged with isolation, segregation & distancing. This only motivated Ellen Hathaway’s research more & so plans were adapted to investigate into how a community can integrate & connect with the foundations of understanding & compassion even through a pandemic. This inspired the making of a documentary based on bringing people together through dance.

Dominic Coffey

Commissioned by Dance City & Arts Council England, Ellen was able to fund and direct her first feature length documentary exploring kinaesthetic empathy; a tool that Ellen believes is key to building a more compassionate, integrated & connected community.

‘Most Free’

This 45 minute dance documentary follows our Artistic Director Ellen Hathaway on her investigation into dance & community with interviews from a resettled Syrian family living in Blackpool, Lancashire’s Refugee Integration Officer, local & international dance artists & our diverse general public.

Joseph Delaney, Co-Director, explained “It has been incredible watching Ellen put this together behind the scenes. Her sheer drive and determination has been inspirational. I have met some amazing people with incredible stories that just need to be heard. I cherish my new friendship with Mahmoud and Nareen with their three beautiful children. During filming I was treated to a Syrian meal; I have never felt more welcomed into a home and into a culture. I look forward to the day I get to dine with them again. Thank you, Ellen, for opening my eyes and more importantly my ears.”

UK Dance Artist Stéphanie Bentley added “I am of dual heritage; English and French and I am one of the dancers in Most Free. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of dance as a medium to nurture individuals and connect people. Ellen’s work embodies this perfectly and raises awareness on very current, real happenings in the U.K. and around the world.

Ellen has an exceptional ability; she really sees people and understands them. For me, being part of Most Free has been an eye opening and culturally significant experience. I feel privileged to have met and heard the stories of different artists and people from Syria and Lebanon.

I learnt so much during the creative process and filming of Most Free. It was also a very heart-warming experience having my mum with me as part of the process. Being inspired and driven by her words and my connection to them whilst creating movement felt very special.

The way in which Ellen devised this film and the journey she took us on as dancers within it had a very coherent and collaborative feel. I have been in creation processes where I felt that the ideas did not link enough to the dancing itself. Creating the movement for Most Free was an entirely different experience. Ellen’s research, creative tasks, the interviews she conducted, along with the involvement of all the wonderful people in this work; who I was lucky enough to speak to or listen to daily during the process, ensured that everything I was dancing came from an honest place that I felt connected to.

I believe in honesty in dance. Real stories translated through movement when a dancer is really able to feel them and as a result embody them. The stories in Most Free are stories that need to be heard and it is crucial that people listen. I would like to thank Ellen for giving me the chance to be part of something so valuable and memorable. This is a film about humanity, and I would urge everyone to watch it.”

Lebanese Dance Artist reflected upon the process “I hope to see Ellen’s film gain the recognition and popularity it deserves. Dance is such an inspiring art form for people from all walks of life. In the current worldwide climate, I think it’s important to remind people to continue doing what they love, despite life’s hardships. I believe the film displays the solidarity of the human race and how we all have such unique but related experiences. Ellen did an excellent job with this film, I can’t wait for people to see all her hard work, effort and creativity! It was truly an honour being a part of it.”

Ellen Hathaway Dance Company is an emerging contemporary dance company based in the North East working to integrate communities through dance. EHDC works with local communities, refugees & asylum seekers and local & international collaborators to produce community dance projects and professional performances of high cultural significance.

EHDC advocates diversity and cultural exchange and advances the notion that dance can heal.

Benedicta Valentina

One of the UK dancers, Dominic Coffey, observed “People need to help people. We all need to help each other It’s not hard to be kind. You never know what someone is going through. It’s not always good times. Times can be hard! A smile can help When I was on the phone to Mahmood it was so nice to talk to someone involved in this project! And it’s because of this project that I had the chance to speak to him and hear about all his amazing music. It was really nice to speak about my own family in this project and about their culture. Waffa’s positivity is something that will stay with me.”


Directed by Ellen Hathaway

Produced by Moving Art Management


Benedicta Valentina, Nareen Orfali, Chafika Gutknecht, Nourhan Sheikh Badr Eddin, Dominic Coffey, Rebecca Joy Novel, Ellen Hathaway, Ryan Woods, Fabienne Bentley, Shilan Sheik Badr Eddin, Fidan Sheikh Badr Eddin, Stéphanie Bentley, Joseph Delaney, Wafa Bouty, Mahmoud Sheikh Badr Eddin, Zeina Yaghi 

Photos: Joseph Delaney




Facebook: @ellenhathawaydancecompany

Instagram: @ellenhathawaydancecompany


‘Most Free’ will premiere at 7pm on Friday 2nd April 2021 at

Purchase tickets from Eventbrite here:

Tickets are pay-as-you-feel with a minimum donation of £1.


News: Fall In Love All Over Again At Darlington Hippodrome


Fall In Love All Over Again At Darlington Hippodrome


Treat the one you love to a memorable theatre experience to look forward to this Valentine’s Day.

Whether it’s a musical theatre hit, an intimate drama or side-splitting comedy, Darlington Hippodrome has something for that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day.

What's Love Got To Do With It

Music lovers are in for a treat with many fabulous nights to look forward to, celebrating the music of some of the greatest stars including Lionel Richie, Bon Jovi, The Temptations, Carole King and Tina Turner.

If your idea of a great date night is an evening of laughter, some of the biggest names in comedy are coming to Darlington including Carl Hutchinson, Al Murray, Jason Manford and Chris Ramsey. For those who want to let their hair down and make it a night to remember then how about spending it with the Dreamboys or maybe The Ladyboys of Bangkok – whichever you choose you are guaranteed to go home with a huge grin on your face.

Jason Manford

If snuggling up with a good book at home rocks your boat then choose from one of several livestream events with best-selling authors, comedians and personalities direct to your living room.

Chris Ramsey

We all know that love is endless, and so are theatre tokens. These can be spent not only on tickets for shows but also on any other Darlington Hippodrome product such as packages, programmes, and courses. Our vouchers can be purchased online and are delivered directly via email (just in case you need to buy something in a hurry!).

Councillor Andy Keir said “You may not be able to go out on a date this Valentine’s Day but you can still give the one you love a night to look forward to with the great gift of theatre. Darlington Hippodrome has a marvellous selection of shows on offer including music, dance, comedy and drama. Now is a great time to start making plans for some spectacular nights out.”


For full details or to book please visit


Preview: Waiting in the Wings - Online from Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre and Opera House


West End Stars come to the Tyne Theatre for live-streamed performance.


Waiting in the Wings

Online from Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre and Opera House

Saturday 27th February 2021


The Tyne Theatre and Opera House have announced a new live-streamed show, ‘Waiting in the Wings’, featuring stars of West End Musicals, streaming live from the Tyne Theatre stage on Saturday 27th February 2021.  

Live performances of hits from musical theatre favourites will come from 6 London West End performers, streaming from the Tyne Theatre and Opera House stage, directly to your homes. A must-see for all musical theatre lovers and those wanting to support the struggling industry after a difficult year.

Performers include; Jenna Boyd (Come From Away UK), Danny Whitehead (Raoul in Phantom of the Opera, London), Jacqueline Hughes (Elphaba – Wicked International Tour), Manon Taris (Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Cosette in Les Miserables, Paris), Joseph Claus (Phantom of the Opera, London, 25th & 30th Concert) and Kris Manuel (Phantom of the Opera, London). The Musical Director for the show is Antoine Mérand (Phantom, Cats, Beauty & The Beast).

Theatre Director, Joanne Johnson, has said “We’re really excited to be able to offer this live-streamed show for our musical theatre loving audience. As one of the industries most affected by restrictions over the last year, live shows have been truly missed by performers and audiences alike. We can’t wait to welcome these incredible West End Stars to our stage for some live Saturday evening entertainment.”

Tickets for Waiting In The Wings are now on sale
and can be purchased from the Tyne Theatre and Opera House website. Your ticket will give you access to the stream to enjoy alone or with your household, and profits will go towards supporting the Tyne Theatre, out of work industry professionals and the local entertainment industry.

Waiting in the Wings show is sponsored by West End Prep – Elite Musical Theatre Training.

Booking & streaming details and more information for Waiting in the Wings:


Preview: Typical Receives World Premiere on Soho Theatre On Demand


Typical Receives World Premiere

on Soho Theatre On Demand


By Ryan Calais Cameron

Directed By Anastasia Osei-Kuffour

Starring Richard Blackwood

A Soho Theatre And Nouveau Riche Production

Soho Theatre and Nouveau Riche have announced the World Premiere of Typical, the film version of the hit stage play, released exclusively on Soho Theatre On Demand from 24th February 2021.


A powerful exploration of racism and how British society stereotypes Black masculinity, this urgent and important new drama is created by award-winning creative movement Nouveau Riche and Soho Theatre, London’s most vibrant producer of new theatre, comedy and cabaret.


Written by award-winning playwright Ryan Calais Cameron and directed by Anastasia Osei-Kuffour, Typical uncovers the man and the humanity behind the tragic true-life events of Black British ex-serviceman Christopher Alder and the injustice that still remains twenty years since his story emerged.

Inspired to write this story following his own repeated experiences of everyday racism, playwright Ryan Calais Cameron says: “Typical is the story of a Black man, who in the comfort of his home is just a man, but as he leaves, he must navigate through society’s ideas and prejudices about what it means to be Black. Typical is a slice of our history, that I hope gives insight, education and desire for a better future.”


First performed in 2019 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe before the hit play transferred to Soho Theatre for a sell-out run, this piece was filmed during the pandemic on location at Soho Theatre.


Hollyoaks regular and former EastEnders star Richard Blackwood reprises the critically acclaimed part he played in the original stage version. The versatile actor, whose career spans 30 years across stage and screen, delivers an intense, multi-rolling monologue that is at times both harrowing and darkly comedic.


Soho Theatre’s Creative Director David Luff adds: “We hope the power, beauty and lyricism of Ryan’s writing, and the superb work of these brilliant freelance theatre and film makers, connect to audiences beyond Soho’s stages into people’s homes and screens worldwide.”


Photos: Franklyn Rodgers


Release date:                          24th February 2021 on Soho Theatre On Demand


Standard Streaming price:  £9.99 (£7.99 for Early Bird registration - see website for further details)


Bonus content with interviews featuring the creatives behind the production will also be available for viewers.


·         10% of the proceeds after costs will be donated to Inc Arts Minds, a charitable fund created to support the emotional well-being of those affected by systemic and structural racism in the arts. 

News: Live Youth Theatre Share Their Experiences Of Lockdown In Online Video - The Reconnection Collection

 Live Youth Theatre Share Their Experiences Of Lockdown In Online Video - The Reconnection Collection 

Live Theatre have released The Reconnection Collection, a short film featuring the work and voices of Live Youth Theatre members, created during and in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. 

Available to view online, The Reconnection Collection is a moving, funny and fascinating insight into the thoughts and observations of young people aged 10-25 during these challenging times. 

Live Youth Theatre is a vital part of Live Theatre’s acclaimed work with children and young people.  The Live Theatre team and Live Youth Theatre members weren’t going to allow the physical restrictions necessitated by the pandemic to put a hold on their creativity. Although the 100 Live Youth Theatre members were unable to meet in person in their Live Theatre base, nothing could stop them from reconnecting on line and in safety via the platform of Zoom.  

In September 2020, Live Youth Theatre’s Autumn term commenced with weekly online sessions, facilitated with freelance theatre makers. Filmmaker Brett Chapman worked alongside the young people and the team to curate and capture cohesive content – the outcome of which is the superb short film, The Reconnection Collection. 

Helen Green, Children and Young Peoples Lead said: “One of the hardest things about Live Theatre being closed - we are badly missing the hordes of young people who clamber all over the building every evening, with tons of energy and loads of noise. Since September, over on Zoom, Youth Theatre have reconnected. Working with a team of hugely talented freelancer facilitators and a fantastic filmmaker, these young people have created a film, which just makes you feel better.” 

Ten freelance drama facilitators worked with the young people over the Autumn term.  Liv Hunt one of the drama facilitators commented: “I'm super proud of the young people who worked on the project this year. It's been a tough old year but they were still able to bring heaps of energy and creativity to the sessions.  And strangely, I feel like I've got to know them more as individuals this year despite not being in the same room together! They're all mint and I can't wait to see what they do next”  

Live Youth Theatre is the largest free theatre and drama programme for young people in the North East of England, providing members with the opportunity to develop self-confidence and create original plays and theatre that reflect their views and opinions. The team at Live Theatre were delighted that 100 Live Youth Theatre Members signed up for an Autumn Term like no other.  

Feedback from all involved has been fabulous. Live Youth Theatre member Connor reflects on his experience: "There are very few places that have provided young people with the experience, education and the abundance of self-worth that Live Theatre has done. What's even more impressive is how Live Theatre still continues during the pandemic by going online, giving young people the confidence, hope, and a supportive community during the hardest of times.” 

Connor added: “Live Youth Theatre’s film was a complete curve ball to what we knew as theatre. It allowed us to explore our emotions, opinions and current experiences about lockdown while living in the moment, displaying an incredibly intuitive mixture of theatre. Live Youth Theatre is truly as safe haven for those of the future." 

Filmmaker Brett Chapman said: “Getting to curate this film has been one of the highlights of the last year for me, no question. Seeing so much creativity from so many young people is super inspiring, especially in the midst of what has been such an uncertain time for everyone in the arts. I hope people have as much fun watching the film as I had putting it together and I look forward to seeing what all the contributors make next.” 

Helen Green added: “The Reconnection Collection perfectly captures members’ feelings, their imagination, their friendship and energy. It is a credit to their resilience, and their unwavering love of making theatre together.” 

Live Youth Theatre is supported by grants from the Shears Foundation, the Squires Foundation, the Lucy Winskell Fund and the Hadrian Trust.  

Part of Live Theatre’s Live Wired season, The Reconnection Collection is available to view on line free of charge at:  


Preview: Grimm Tales - Streaming Online


Grimm Tales For Fragile Times

And Broken People


A deliciously dark and twisted set of fairy tales devised

by Creation Theatre Repertory Company


Grimm Tales

Streaming Online

24 February – 13 March 2021

“Back at home they hung the moon on a tall oak tree. It cast a magnificent light over everything and shone through every window. It was all they had ever wanted, bringing light to their darkness, the light of their life.“


This month, Creation Theatre announces Grimm Tales For Fragile Times And Broken People, the first in a series of productions by its new online Repertory Company. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, a collection of familiar and lesser-known tales such as The Juniper Tree, The Moon, Godfather Death, Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin, have been re-invented for an online show which places powerful storytelling at its very heart.

This atmospheric and haunting production for adults will be available to stream from 24 February to 13 March. Set in a beautifully distorted and broken-down world with woodlands which cast creepy shadows in the moonlight, five storytellers confined within their own mini-theatre sets, beckon audiences to listen to their spellbinding and macabre narratives.


The show marks Creation Theatre’s 7th online production and almost one year on since the launch of its first acclaimed digital show The Tempest, Live. Lucy Askew, Chief Executive and Creative Producer said: “We really wanted to explore a different direction and strip away the technical wizardry and place storytelling at the very heart of this show. At a time when we are all feeling really closed-in we unashamedly went for dark escapism and explored the themes of isolation, poverty and confinement. We hope our audiences will connect with the narratives which feel so relevant and safe to explore in this way.”


Grimm Tales For Fragile Times And Broken People is directed by Gari Jones  and has been devised by the five actors from the Rep which includes LIPA graduate Kofi Dennis, Dharmesh Patel (Rsc, Shakespeare’s Globe); Natasha Rickman (Guildford Shakespeare Company, New Diorama, Greenwich Theatre, Wiltons Music Hall, Colchester Mercury Theatre), Annabelle Terry (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmonds, Creation Theatre’s The Tempest Live, Barn Theatre) and Graeme Rose (Stan’s Café, Red Shift, Kiln, Birmingham Rep).


In November 2020 Creation Theatre was awarded a major grant from Innovate UK for its pioneering work in the digital theatre space. Part of the grant has funded the launch of its first online repertory company which has given five actors a full-time bursary for six months. They will perform two major pieces of digital theatre.


CAST                                               TALES

Kofi Dennis                                       The Moon

Dharmesh Patel                               Godfather Death  

Natasha Rickman                            Rumpelstiltskin

Annabelle Terry                               Hansel And Gretel

Graeme Rose                                  The Juniper Tree



Writer                                      Devised by Creation Theatre Repertory Theatre

Director                                   Gari Jones

Set and Costume Design        Ryan Dawson Laight

Production Manager                Giles Stoakley


Show Information:

Streaming dates:                   

The show is in preview until 14 February and will then be available to stream from 24 ,25,26, 27 February , 5&6 March 12&13 March


Times:                           GMT: 8pm


Standard Streaming price:    £20

Running Time:              60 mins

Box Office:                    01865 766266 or online at