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REVIEW: Peter Pan at Newcastle Tyne Theatre

Peter Pan

Newcastle Tyne Theatre & Opera House 

Until Sunday January 7 2024

The Tyne Theatre pantomime continues to grow each year. It delivers a classic panto which is funny, looks good plus it sticks to the job of telling a story. The show understands the need to involve the audience so it is a show that they are a part of rather than something that is done to them. In a very good year for North East panto Peter Pan is a classy show that is very entertaining.

It is nice to be back at the welcoming Tyne Theatre. From the friendly box office staff to the wonderful team on the merchandise stand you are made to feel welcome at this theatre, even if they have multiple shows to handle on one day.

Is it really Charlie Richmond's 16th year as the Tyne Panto comic?  He puts so much effort into breaking the fourth wall, as Smee, and welcoming the audience to the show. In what may be some children's first visit to the theatre, Charlie shows that a show can be fun and local. He has great timing with both the visual gags and one liners. Not for him is the safety of having stooges from the audience to work with him. 

Another regular returns, as Mrs Smee, in the form of Lewis Denny (who is also in the Easter panto next year too). Peter Pan is an unusual story in that it puts the Dame and comic on the side of the bad guys rather than the heroes. This puts in a challenge for both Lewis and Charlie to be likeable whilst working with the character that the kids love to boo at.

The boos are reserved for Micky Cochrane. He is an imposing figure as Captain James Hook. The swagger that he used to have strutting the stage as the frontman of This Grounds Moves has translated well as the evil pirate who wants to get even with Peter Pan. Unlike some pantos, in this Guy Pascall script, the reasons for Hook's animosity is made clear. This is in part thanks to a crocodile that appears from time to time.

Every panto need balance and the good guys are fronted by Peter Pan. Matt Lapinskas is both the flying child who never grows up and the director of the show. He is thus responsible for a tight show which is hard to fault.

Tinkerbell is an odd character though - whilst clearly on Peter's side this Tinkerbell has real attitude. Phoebe Garr's fairy is not welcoming to the new arrivals and this helps give the show some edge. Cleo Demertriou's Wendy is happy to mother the Lost children but clearly won over Pan quicker than Tinkerbell would like.

It was good to see Sam Lavery get a chance to sing. She appears as Tiger Lily and she was delightful to hear during Roar. 

That then leaves a cast of dancers and children. In making this feel like a show with big production values, the ability of these performers to fill the stage during the dance routines works really well. You don't have an overcrowded space but well choreographed routines from Kerry Blaskett-Weatherall. A nice touch was to not only give the young dancers some lines to deliver but also their own number to sing.

The younger panto dancers and the roles of the Darling siblings John and Michael are also on rotation. On the matinee show that we attended the two lads were performed by Benjamin Conaty and Jake Weatherall respectively. They didn't put a foot wrong and had a chance to go flying too. 

Which is a good point to note that in a show like this one a lot of unseen people are needed to make it work. With up to 4 of the cast flying around at anyone moment and a live band, the show manages to have good sound and good visual effects. I, for one, am glad to see the back of 3D specs in panto and it was good to see some old school tricks in use.

The live band too, under Musical Director Andrew Soulsby, is able to cope well with staying apace with the antics on stage. I always feel that a show works much better with a live band.   

Peter Pan is a funny and well worked out pantomime that has a hard working cast that delivers an entertaining show. The show looks bright and feels energetic. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved - even with the youngsters down the front getting "cannon balls" to use on Hook at one point! It was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon with my son during the Christmas holiday.

Review: Stephen Oliver

Photos: Wycombe Media



Tickets start from just £16.50. To book your tickets visit Eventim:



REVIEW: Beauty and The Beast at Sunderland Empire

Beauty and The Beast

Sunderland Empire

Until Sunday 31 December 2023

Sunderland has, in Beauty and the Beast, a pantomime that it can be proud of. We have been heading to the Wearside venue for many years and it is pleasing to see the best panto we have seen on that stage.

Firstly, I know this is late in the run...we had missed press night but we kept hearing on the grapevine that this was Sunderland's year so we thought we'd buy a couple of tickets and check it out as a post Christmas treat. 

A number of north east venues have now ditched the big "marquee names" for their panto in favour of a regular, locally based, team of regulars that appear each year. This creates recognition with the audience and loyalty to their local pantomime. The regular team behind the Sunderland show have been a part of the region's entertainment for years and they understand the dna of a successful show. Tom Whalley is not only an exceptional panto comic but he also writes pantos himself so he fully understands the format (though this particular show is written by Jon Monie). Louie La Plonk quickly gets the kids on side and is the source of many laughs in he show.

Dan Cunningham's successful alto ego character Miss Rory appears as the panto dame, Rorina La Plonk. This dame is like no other in the North East scene. A combination of unique delivery and dry wit has synthesised a character that is both likeable but is not a 'fussy wet mess' (unlike some Dames). You have a Dame with a back bone. It is different and a perfect partnership with Tom.

Having said all that - there is a name on the poster. But it is Wallsend legend Charlie Hardwick rather some random celebrity that tops the billing. As the Fairy Godmother, Fairy Bon Bon, she has the chance to grace the stage and sing a bit.

But here is a big point... The Sunderland Empire show sticks to the story. It is less of a showcase for the individual talents and more of an talented ensemble piece that tells the actual story in a fun way. This is rather than being a variety show with a vague theme. The costumes are stunning and the set looks high end quality (apart from one annoying light on the rear arch that was on the blink and once noticed, it couldn't be unnoticed - hopefully only an issue for just the one show). It has the feel of a big production.

The cast is then supplemented with Channel 5 Milkshake's Olivia Birchenough as Belle who felt like an integral part of the story (which isn't always the case with BATB), the West End's Samuel Wyn Morris making his panto debut and given an opportunity to show off his excellent singing voice and George Olney as the arrogant Hugo. As see, this does come across as an ensemble piece with these three given appropriate chances to shine or, in Hugo's case, wind the audience up as the one to boo at. There are no weaknesses in the singing but Samuel's voice was a real stand out in this show bringing back memories of Sheila Fergusson back in 2008 - which was our favourite Empire show until now.

So there you have it. It was worth running across to catch one of the final shows to see the Empire panto. This is a panto worth seeing. It is funny, it looks lush and has a great cast.

Review: Stephen Oliver

Photos: David James Wood


Beauty and the Beast, continues at the Sunderland Empire’s stage until Sunday 31 December 2023. Tickets are available online now at *

*A £3.65 transaction fee applies to online bookings.

Interview: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at Newcastle Theatre Royal


Ivano Turco on the empowerment and freedom of playing Jamie New

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Newcastle Theatre Royal

Tuesday 16 – Saturday 20 January 2024


Following a smash-hit sold out run in 2021, the critically acclaimed West End musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie returns to Newcastle Theatre Royal with familiar favourites from stage and screen leading the all-star cast.


Photo: Matt Crockett

In his short career so far, super-talented musical theatre star Ivano Turco has already demonstrated formidable range: having made his professional debut playing Prince Sebastian in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella in the West End, he then transformed into reggae icon Bob Marley in bio-musical Get Up, Stand Up!

His latest role, as Jamie in the new touring production of heartwarming British musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, is particularly fulfilling because “it’s the closest character to my actual character that I’ve played,” he says.

That’s in part because, playing the gay teenage hero and aspiring drag queen, Ivano is getting to embrace his queerness in a way that he hasn’t on stage before. “I really wanted to be able to experience playing within those realms, and to not have to put on several layers to try and be somebody else.”

Photo: Matt Crockett

What this means in practice, Ivano explains, is that in the rehearsal process, he has found he doesn’t “have to do as much in terms of trying to figure out what Jamie’s mannerisms are, and all of these small nuances… it’s very freeing in that sense, in that I can put a lot of my natural movement into it.”

One of the other aspects of the role that really resonates with Ivano is Jamie’s close relationship with his mother. “For the most part I grew up in a single parent household with my mother as well, so we really had that kind of connection,” he says, adding that “[like Jamie too] I know what it felt like to have a dream that was different from everyone else’s”.


Ivano Turco - JAMIE

Since it premiered in 2017, Jamie has been a huge international hit, and Ivano believes a lot of that has to do with the pioneering nature of the character of Jamie himself. “He’s just a boy who happens to be gay and wants to be a drag queen. I think that’s a refreshing lens to have a queer character to look at through – [someone] who’s not burdened by their queerness. I know I really felt empowered by that, watching it.”


Photo: Matt Crockett

Meanwhile another key draw, he thinks, is that “the music is really easy to digest. It’s a lot like what we listen to nowadays, so it’s much more realistic [than most musical theatre].”

If Jamie has had a remarkable run over the last few years, then so has its new star. Having set his sights on performing ever since singing in church, when growing up in Milton Keynes, he graduated from drama school in 2020, only to find himself personally chosen by Lord Lloyd Webber to be the male lead in his hotly anticipated new musical.

For a first gig, it was a wonderful, if nerve wracking, experience, he says. “To have a multimillion-pound musical resting on your shoulders was hard to navigate for me and I found at times it was hard to really [appreciate my achievement] because there was just so much work to be done. But then somewhere about halfway [through the run], because I really knew the show and what I wanted to do as an actor, it became perfect.”


Then to top that challenge, he took on the lead role in Get Up, Stand Up! last year – off just two weeks rehearsal, astonishingly enough.  “The first Bob had a year to prepare … so for me to try and get all that work done in two weeks was … a challenge,” he laughs. 

As for what the future may hold? Ivano really isn’t thinking too far beyond Jamie, “dream show” that it is. “[This role] is my chance to put all my techniques that I've learned over the years and over these other shows into overdrive, as this character is so much closer to me. I feel like there's a lot more power with it that I’ve been afforded.”


Everybody’s Talking About Jamie plays Newcastle Theatre Royal Tue 16 – Sat 20 Jan 2024. Tickets can be purchased at or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 0191 232 7010.


Preview: Rocky Horror Show at Sunderland Empire


Holby City & Strictly star Joe McFadden

to dazzle the city of Sunderland

as the Narrator


The Rocky Horror Show

Sunderland Empire

Monday 8 – Saturday 13 January 2024



Seasoned actor and winner of Strictly Come Dancing Joe McFadden will join the tour of the legendary, classic smash hit musical The Rocky Horror Show for a limited run in the city of Sunderland. North East audiences should buckle up for this one-off special moment as Joe is set to bring charisma, charm and witty repartee to the role of the Narrator in this thrilling musical extravaganza at the Sunderland Empire between 8th January – 13th January 2024.


Joe McFadden 

2023 saw Richard O’Brien’s legendary rock ‘n’ roll musical celebrate its 50th Anniversary, marking half a century of thrilling entertainment. The Rocky Horror Show defies space and time as it continues to captivate audiences up and down the country. The nonstop partying production continues to play through 2023 to sell-out crowds.

Joe, whose expansive career spans across both stage and screen (Holby City/Heartbeat /Priscilla Queen of the Desert/The Mirror Crack’d), is excited to be returning to the show after performing for a four-week limited run earlier this year to rave reviews. No stranger to the dancefloor, Joe is more than qualified to don his fishnets as the Narrator and join this extraordinary cast in Sunderland to deliver a guaranteed party not to be missed.


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

Joe said: “I’m thrilled to be returning to play the Narrator in the city of Sunderland. My time in The Rocky Horror Show earlier this year was an absolute blast so I am looking forward to donning my fishnets once more as the Narrator and Time Warping with audiences at the Empire in Sunderland.”


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

Since it first opened in London in June 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre The Rocky Horror Show has become the longest continuous run of a contemporary musical anywhere in the world. The show has been seen by over 30 million people worldwide in more than 30 countries and translated into 20 languages as it continues to delight audiences on its sell-out international tour.


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

Without doubt the Rocky Horror Show is as iconic as it gets. Lighting up the stage this phenomenal cast will perform songs that are embedded in pop culture. The celebratory tour will continue throughout 2023, visiting Sunderland, Dublin, Manchester, Glasgow and Wolverhampton - with further dates to be announced. The cast are in full throttle and ready to honour this monumental moment, delivering a guaranteed party that leaps off the stage and transcends into the audience.


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

Producer Howard Panter said: “Rocky Horror has always been a show I loved, since its earliest days in the Kings Road. Richard O’Brien and I are delighted this non-stop party continues to thrill audiences across the world, and we look forward to the next 50 years!”

Richard O’Brien said: “Back in the 1970’s when someone asked me to entertain the Christmas staff party at the EMI Film Studios and I turned up with a song called Science Fiction Double Feature who would have known this was the germ of the idea to turn into today what is The Rocky Horror Show. To be celebrating fifty years is beyond my wildest expectations - from the humble beginnings back in 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre in London. The fact that The Rocky Horror show continues to delight audiences as it tours the UK fifty years on is simply thrilling. The Rocky Horror Show is one of Britain’s most performed and beloved musicals of all time.”


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

A brilliant cast are already wowing Rocky Horror audiences up and down the country, with West End star Stephen Webb (Jersey Boys/Legally Blonde) continuing in the iconic role of Frank, slipping into a corset and heels with ease, Richard Meek (Hairspray/Spamlot) makes a welcome return as Brad and is joined by fan favourite Haley Flaherty (Mamma Mia/Chicago) as Janet.


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

Kristian Lavercombe (Jersey Boys/Jesus Christ Superstar) once again reprises his role as Riff Raff, following more than 2000 performances around the world, with Darcy Finden who made her professional debut last year as one of the Phantoms now stepping up to play the role of as Columbia. Ben Westhead (Oliver/The Sound of Music) plays Rocky, Suzie McAdams (School of Rock/Kinky Boots) takes on the role of Magenta and Joe Allen (Little Shop of Horrors/Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) plays Eddie & Dr Scott. Playing the Phantoms are Stefania Du Toit (Starlight Express/Singing in the Rain), Beth Woodcock (Bat Out Of Hell), Reece Budin (Beautiful: The Carole King Musical/Man of La Mancha) and Fionán O'Carroll (Theatre whilst training: Urinetown/Children of Eden) who is making his professional debut. Ryan Carter Wilson (Jersey Boys) and Tyla Nurden (Funny Girl/Carrie, The Musical) are Swings.

Directed by Christopher Luscombe, The Rocky Horror Show is ready to thrill you with fun and naughty moments, and features timeless classics including Sweet Transvestite, Damn it Janet, and of course, the pelvic thrusting show stopping Time Warp.


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show is the story of two squeaky clean college kids – Brad and his fiancée Janet. When by a twist of fate, their car breaks down outside a creepy mansion whilst on their way to visit their former college professor, they meet the charismatic Dr Frank’n’Furter. It is an adventure they’ll never forget, filled with fun, frolics, frocks, and frivolity. The Rocky Horror Show is a guaranteed party, which famously combines science-fiction, horror, comedy and music while encouraging audience participation - meaning, of course, getting dressed-up in the most outrageous fancy dress.


Previous Production of The Rocky Horror Show

The Rocky Horror Show first began life in 1973 before an audience of just 63 people in the Royal Court’s Theatre Upstairs. It was an immediate success and transferred to the Chelsea Classic Cinema, before going on to run at the Kings Road Theatre, 1973-79 and the Comedy Theatre in the West End, 1979-80. In 1975 it was transformed into a film called ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. This film adaptation took over $135 million at the Box Office and is still shown in cinemas around the world more than 40 years after its premiere, making it the longest running theatrical release in cinema history. Many stars including Russell Crowe, Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Jerry Springer, Jason Donovan and Meatloaf have appeared in The Rocky Horror Show over the past 45 years.

In 2015, as part of a sold-out season at London’s Playhouse Theatre, a special star-studded Gala charity performance in aid of Amnesty International was broadcast to over 600 cinemas across the UK and Europe. The live screening - featuring a host of celebrities playing The Narrator including Stephen Fry, Mel Giedroyc, Emma Bunton, Ade Edmondson, Anthony Head and Richard O’Brien - smashed box office records and was the biggest grossing film in cinemas across the UK. The performance was subsequently screened on the Sky Arts channel.

Ready to thrill you with fun and naughty moments, The Rocky Horror Show is the boldest bash of them all. But be warned, this show has rude parts!


The Rocky Horror Show will astound Sunderland audiences from Monday 8 – Saturday 13 January 2024. Tickets available online now at *

*A £3.65 transaction fee applies to online bookings.

On The Web :


Twitter: @rockyhorroruk

Instagram: @rockyhorrorofficial

Facebook: /rockyhorrorshow

Preview: Seann Walsh: Back From The Bed at Newcastle Tyne Theatre




Seann Walsh to bring the latest leg of his tour to the Toon in 2024


Seann Walsh: Back From The Bed

Newcastle Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Friday 17th May 2024


Comedian Seann Walsh is coming to the Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Friday 17th May 2024 with his newest show Back From the Bed. Fans of Seann may know him from his guest appearances on Mock of the Week, Strictly Come Dancing or I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! where he finished 5th place in 2022.

Seann Walsh has been pursuing comedy since 2006, and has previously performed at his own UK tours, alongside Reading and Leeds Festival and Glastonbury Festival. Seann Walsh: Back From the Bed follows Seann post-pandemic and post-scandal, navigating the new world of comedy and his middle-age life. The previous leg of this tour received standing ovations and is sure to be a smash hit for those who are fans of either Seann himself or are looking for a hilarious night out!

Received as “unquestionably the best observational comic of his generation” by The Guardian, Seann Walsh is known for his witty conversational style of humour. When not pursuing stand-up and touring the UK, Seann also co-hosts the What’s Upset You Now? (WUYN) podcast with fellow comedian Paul McCaffrey, where bi-weekly they ‘moan’ about relatable topics and have a laugh whilst doing so! Once a week, Seann also co-hosts ‘Oh My Dog’ with Jack Dee, where they discuss their dogs with special guest stars.

Now as a parent, Seann Walsh has had a lot of life lessons in the past few years, and he’s Back From The Bed to tell the tale.

Theatre Director Joanne Johnson exclaimed “Our comedy lineup for 2024 is exciting, and we’re thrilled to have added Seann Walsh as part of his newest tour. We’re a theatre that’s very well known for its top-class comedy acts, and we look forward to welcoming many more exciting acts through our doors in the new year!”


Tickets are £16.50 plus fees and can be bought from:

News: Newcastle Theatre Royal in 2024


Visiting Newcastle Theatre Royal in 2024...


Showstopping West-End musicals, awe-inspiring dance performances, breathtaking page-to-stage adaptations, classic tales, brand-new delights, and an adult-only take on a Disney classic; there certainly are treats for all in 2024 at Newcastle Theatre Royal.

Funny, fabulous and feel-good musical, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (Tue 16 – Sat 20 Jan) features an all-star cast, including Giovanna Fletcher, John Partridge and Shobna Gulati before captivating, legendary tale, Blood Brothers returns to the venue (Tue 30 Jan – Sat 3 Feb).

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie - Photo: Matt Crockett

Gaz and his mates bare a little more than they ever thought they would when The Full Monty (Tue 27 Feb – Sat 2 Mar) visits the region and Newcastle Musical Theatre Company bring smash-hit musical based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story (Tue 30 Jul – Sat 3 Aug 2024) to life.

THE FULL MONTY.  Photo Ellie Kurttz

There are more classic love stories on offer with An Officer and a Gentleman (Mon 13 – Sat 18 May) and Grease (Mon 10 – Sat 15 Jun), and for those ready to raise a little hell, Bonnie and Clyde The Musical (Tue 1 – Sat 5 Oct) presents the electrifying story of love, adventure and crime that captured the attention of an entire nation.

An Officer and A Gentleman - Photo: Manuel Harlan;

Audiences will be transported back to 1960’s Baltimore when Hairspray visits Newcastle (Mon 11 – Sat 16 Nov 2024), and more hairspray will be needed when NOW That’s What I Call A Musical, arrives (Tue 8 – Sat 12 Oct 2024) for a fun filled week bursting with 80’s hits.

It’s an adult night-out when Unfortunate (Tue 2 – Thu 4 Jul 2024) gives Ursula a chance to give her take on what really happened all those years ago under the sea and the incredible Come From Away (Tue 6 – Sat 17 Aug 2024) shares the real-life story of the 7,000 air passengers from all over the world who were grounded in Canada during the wake of 9/11.

Wizard of Oz - Photo: Marc Brenner

Starring RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner and Dancing On Ice star The Vivienne as The Wicked Witch Of The West, there’s no place like Newcastle Theatre Royal when The Wizard of Oz lands (Tue 16 – Sun 21 Apr) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is set to excite the next generation of fans as it flies into the region (Tue 4 – Sat 8 Jun 2024).

Peppa Pig Live!

Bluey’s Big Play (Fri 8 – Sun 10 Mar) is the perfect introduction to theatre and in the summer holidays, 101 Dalmatians The Musical bounds into Newcastle for one week only (Tue 27 Aug – Sun 1 Sep 2024). Younger audiences will enjoy Peppa Pig’s Fun Day Out (Wed 21 & Thu 22 Aug 2024), packed full of songs, dances and muddy puddles.

Fantastically Great Women – Photo: Pamela Raith

Family tale, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (Fri 23 – Sun 25 Feb) and kick ass-pirational stage show Fantastically Great Women (Wed 21 – Sun 25 Feb) join us over the February half term and Madagascar The Musical (Wed 10 – Sat 13 Jul) promises to make you ‘Move It, Move It!’.

Madagascar The Musical

CaroleW Productions take over the Studio stage with their production Limelight (Tue 9 – Sat 13 Apr 2024) and Wor Bella returns (Sat 27 & Sun 28 Apr). The Boy at the Back of the Class (Tue 30 Apr – Sat 4 May 2024) told from a child’s perspective, balances heart and humour, Opera North bring Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte (Thu 14 & Sat 16 Mar) a light-hearted romantic comedy filled with disguises, seduction, and surprises as well as double bill Cavalleria Rusticana / Aleko (Wed 13 & Fri 15 Mar) - the tale of a soldier who returns from war to find his lover has married.

Cosi fan Tutte - Photo: Tristram Kenton

Life of Pi (Tue 23 – Sat 27 Jan 2024) promises jaw-dropping visuals and world-class puppetry, and outstanding, unforgettable theatrical tour de force, The Kite Runner returns to Newcastle Tue 25 – Sat 29 Jun.

Life of Pi

Starring The Wanted’s Max George, Kay Mellor’s The Syndicate (Tue 7 – Sat 11 May 2024) follows the lives of five supermarket employees whose lottery syndicate numbers come in, just as their jobs and livelihoods are under threat and Cluedo 2 – The Next Chapter (Tue 28 May – Sat 1 Jun 2024) brings the classic board game to life.

Both visiting the venue in partnership with Dance Consortium; Sao Paulo Dance Company (Tue 5 & Wed 6 Mar) fuse the elegance of classical ballet with the sensuality of Latin American Dance and QDance Company (Tue 15 & Wed 16 Oct) perform an ode to the richness of Nigerian culture.

Rambert Dance Company visit with their darkly funny dance-comedy entitled Death Trap (Wed 24 & Thu 25 Apr) and classical ballet fans can enjoy Scottish Ballet’s brand-new production of Cinders (Wed 7 – Sat 10 Feb), with an exciting casting surprise in store at each performance.

Devised, Directed and Choreographed by Matthew Bourne.
Photo: Johan Persson

Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures perform their take on Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands (Wed 27 Mar – Sat 6 Apr), featuring the hauntingly beautiful music of Danny Elfman and TV dance sensation Johannes Radebe is set to raise the roof in House of JoJo (Sun 19 May).

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller The 39 Steps (Tue 9 – Sat 13 Apr 2024) is brilliantly and hilariously recreated for the stage as four fearless actors play 139 roles in a performance full of fast-paced fun and thrilling action.

Bursting with razor-sharp wit, Drop The Dead Donkey (Tue 21 – Sat 25 May), starring its original TV cast members, will leave you in stitches and following their multi-award-winning sell-out success, Mischief return with their riotous spin on a timeless classic, the West End smash hit Peter Pan Goes Wrong (Mon 12 – Sat 17 Feb).

After selling out in 2023, Basic Lee (Sun 11 Feb) sees Stewart Lee return as one man, with one microphone, and one microphone in the wings in case the one on stage breaks. Audiences can join us in conversation with David Suchet (Sun 18 Feb) as he discusses some of his most memorable and beloved performances in a new and intimate light.

Finally, 2024/25 pantomime, The Little Mermaid (Tue 26 Nov 2024 – Sun 12 Jan 2025) will see Newcastle Theatre Royal favourites Danny Adams and Clive Webb return for their 19th year, along with celebrated singer songwriter Joe McElderry and legendary panto dame Chris Hayward.


Tickets for all performances can be purchased at or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 0191 232 7010. Can’t decide? Opt for Newcastle Theatre Royal gift vouchers and your friends and family can decide for themselves!