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Preview: The BonBons Cabaret at Newcastle Alphabetti

Bonnie and The Bonnettes are bringing THE BONBONS CABARET back to Alphabetti Theatre throughout 2019!

Thursday 28th March 2019
The BonBons Cabaret
God Save the Queens

Whether it’s Beyonce, Mariah Carey, or Mary Queen of Scots, women have always got the job done. From a culturally shifting Christmas number one or running the entire country of Scotland they have inspired generations to be just like them.

But what makes a Queen? Is it a throne? A King? A number one album? A worldwide following screaming ‘we love you’? Or is it a really nice haircut with highlights? Well, we’re still trying to figure that out.

Join Bonnie and The Bonnettes and The House of Love for the return of The BonBons Cabaret.

Please note that crowns and tiaras are allowed but must be higher than 4 inches.  Full line-up to be announced soon.

When: Thursday 28th March 2019
Time: 9.00pm
Tickets:  £7 Full Price / £5 Concession (Student, OAP, Artist, Unwaged)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Running Time: approx. 2 hours including interval

Thursday 6th June 2019
The BonBons Cabaret

Bring out the banners, write those placards, paint on your glitter, and fly your flag because we may be queer all year but tonight is the night to paint the town!

Did you leave a good job in the city? Are you sick of working for the man every night and day?

Well pour yourself a cup of ambition, yawn, stretch, and come alive, because heaven really is a place on earth! Be a drag, be a queen, get out the shoes that were made for walking, for tonight we are going to do it our way!

Join Bonnie and The Bonnettes and The House of Love for a night of celebration as The BonBons Cabaret stands loud and proud!
Full line-up to be announced soon.

Saturday 26th October 2019
The BonBons Cabaret
The Haunted House of Love

Shhh! Did you hear that? Can you feel that? Did you just move?

Bonnie and The Bonnettes have been called into Alphabetti Theatre to turn off the lights and call on the spirits of yesteryear. There has been some strange goings-on; unrecognisable noises, dark shadows, and misplaced equipment, and now it’s time to go beyond the grave to find those responsible. Ouija board. Heat sensitive camera. A dictaphone. An overly dramatic soundscape.

They have it sorted. They ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Join Bonnie and The Bonnettes and The House of Love for a Halloween special that is bound to feature some uninvited guests. Please note that mobile phones must be turned off as they might interfere with our very scientific and very expensive demonologist equipment.

Full line-up to be announced soon.

Tuesday 31st December 2019
The BonBons Cabaret
Let the Countdown Begin

I’ll have a vowel please, and another, and a consonant, and another.

The teams have been picked, the letters shuffled, the dictionary is in the corner and now all that’s left is to play the game. Who will see in the New Year with us? Who will stick to their New Year’s Resolution? Is next year going to be that much better? Well, we can start by putting our
best foot forward, as this year we will finally have 2020 vision.

Join Bonnie and The Bonnettes and The House of Love for a New Year’s Eve special that will see 2019 in with vowels in one hand and consonants in the other. Please note that neither Rachel Riley nor Carol Vorderman will be attending this event.

Full line-up to be announced soon.

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Photos: Von Fox

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