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Preview: Macbeth: Toil and Trouble at South Shields Customs House

Shakespeare’s Tragedy Won’t Cause Trouble At Theatre 

Macbeth: Toil and Trouble
South Shields Customs House
Wednesday 16th October 2019

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble…

The award-winning 1623 Theatre Company comes to The Customs House for the first time this month with a fast-moving adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth.

The 60-minute production provides a stripped-back and innovative insight into one of the best-known stories ever staged, charting the journey of theatre’s arguably most deadly duo, Lord and Lady Macbeth.

Jamie Brown, 1623’s Learning Co-ordinator, said: “In Macbeth: Toil and Trouble, the microscope zooms in on the turbulent dynamics of the central relationship between the Macbeths, mapping their captivating journey from the initial prophecy proclaiming that Macbeth will become King, through to the untimely demise of Lady M.  Exploring that pivotal relationship – the driving force behind the play – has proven a powerful tool in achieving a greater understanding and enjoyment of the play as a whole. Whilst doing so, the piece also encapsulates all of the wider, integral events of this infamous tale of ambition, bloodshed and greed, woven together by the bewitching dark presence of the three weird sisters.”

The adaptation has been praised for its pace and clarity and, as such, has been booked time and time again across the UK as both a learning tool, as well as standing alone as piece of enjoyable theatre for the general public, young and old.

Macbeth: Toil and Trouble comes to The Customs House on Wednesday 16th October, with performances at 11am and 1pm.
Tickets, priced from £5, are available from the box office on (0191) 454 1234 or online at

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