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Preview: Jane Eyre at Durham Gala Theatre

Gothic masterpiece Jane Eyre to captivate theatre-goers

Jane Eyre
Durham Gala Theatre
Tuesday 5 - Wednesday 6 November 2019

A thrilling adaptation of Charlotte Brontё’s masterpiece Jane Eyre promises to captivate audiences at a County Durham theatre.

Eleanor Toms and Ben Warwick
as Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester
A Gothic tale of tempestuous passions and dark secrets, Jane Eyre tells the story of an orphan’s journey from a childhood of loneliness and cruelty, to a life at Thornfield Hall and an unlikely relationship with the mysterious Mr Rochester. Falling in love, she gradually uncovers a hidden past to the gloomy, forbidding Thornfield Hall – a terrible secret that forces her to make a heart-wrenching choice.

Captivating, brooding and intensely powerful, Jane Eyre is a moving and unforgettable portrayal of one woman’s quest for equality and freedom and remains one of the great triumphs of storytelling.

Eleanor Toms and Ben Warwick
as Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester
Blackeyed Theatre will perform Nick Lane’s adaptation of Brontё’s 1847 novel at the Gala Theatre in Durham on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 November at 7.30pm. In the company’s trademark style, the play will feature an ensemble cast of actor-musicians. There will also be live music written specially for the production by the award-winning composer George Jennings.

Director and producer Adrian McDougall said: “What we produce will, I hope, induce that same intensity of feeling you get when you read the book: the joy, the despair and everything in between. It is a searing celebration of female empowerment, a beautiful, brooding love story with a little Gothic horror thrown in for good measure.”

Eleanor Tomms, centre, as Jane Eyre. 
Originally Brontë published Jane Eyre under the male pseudonym Currer Bell. The literary world became consumed with the identity of the writer but even her publisher did not know Currer Bell’s gender. A woman in a man’s world, Brontë wrote of a female character who despite agonising hardships, manages to persevere and define her own happiness, rather than have it defined for her by others.

Robin Byers, Gala Theatre manager, said: “The Brontë sisters and the novels and characters they created are beloved all over the world. Jane Eyre is quite rightly considered one of the greatest novels of all time and we cannot wait to see the story brought to life here in County Durham.”

Jane Eyre is presented in association with South Hill Parks Arts Centre and is supported by Arts Council England.

Tickets cost £15, £13 for concessions and £12 for Gala members. To book, visit or call 03000 266 600.

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