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Preview: Secret Theatre (4-14 June) & Opus No7 (19 -21 June) at Newcastle's Northern Stage

The Secret’s out: Northern Stage is set to host a spectacular summer of theatre 
Opus No 7 Photo: Pavel Antonov

Secret Theatre (4-14 June) │Opus No7 (19 -21 June) 
Streetcar Named Desire Sergo Vares - Photo: Alexandra Davenport
This summer Northern Stage will be the first venue outside of London to let its audience in on a secret. Secret Theatre has been the talk of the town in London since launching in 2013 and now the company is taking four of its shows outside of the capital for the first time, starting with a ten day residency at Northern Stage in June. 

“These people are some of London’s brightest theatre talents.” Time Out 
Glitterland - Billy Seymour, Charlotte Josephine, Hammed Animashaun, Steven Webb, Sergo Vares, Nadia Albina - Photo: Helen Maybanks
"The Lyric's Secret Theatre Company is one of the most exciting things to happen in British theatre in recent years. Bringing fresh energy and new thinking to great classic texts and the very best of New-Writing they are creating theatre which is accessible and innovative, entertaining and deeply engaging.At Northern Stage we are committed to bringing the very best theatre to Newcastle, sometimes this means established famous names and faces and sometimes, like now, it means bringing something right at the moment of its invention. As the first company to present this work outside of London we are very proud to join the Lyric in an explosion of creativity and colour that we think will bring something genuinely new and exciting to our stages. Secret Theatre are creating some of the most exciting work I have seen in a long time and I look forward to introducing them to the ever-welcoming Newcastle audience.Lorne Campbell, Artistic Director, Northern Stage 
Woyzeck - Billy Seymour  - Photo: Alexandra Davenport
Lyric Hammersmith/Secret Theatre Artistic Director Sean Holmes adds, "We’re thrilled to be taking Secret Theatre across the country and that our first two week residency is being hosted in Newcastle. Northern Stage has a long-standing commitment to programming daring, declarative theatre and that makes it the perfect partner for our season of bold work and big risks.” 
Chamber Piece - Katherine Pearce, Steven Webb, Charlotte Josephine, Hammed Animashaun, Leo Bill, Nadia Albina - photo: Alexandra Davenport
Then on 19 June, one of the most influential figures in Russian theatre, Dmitry Krymov – rarely seen in the UK and never before in Newcastle – brings Opus No7 to Northern Stage. 
An "unforgettable work and thrillingly inventive production" The New York Times
Opus No 7 Photo: Pavel Antonov

For the first time since reopening in 2006, Northern Stage will open up Stage 1 and Stage 2, creating space for Opus No7 to place its audience tantalisingly close to the action of this genre-defying double bill. The oppression of Soviet Jews and the censorship of Shostakovich under Stalin, and the legacies of these events, are depicted through larger-than-life puppets, duelling pianos, living walls and blizzards of newsprint. Epic images are conjured up from the simplest of materials - by turns tender and delicate, comedic and sinister.

This is mouth-watering theatre on a grand scale, and ensuring that bigger, broader audiences have the opportunity to experience incredible international theatre is a passion for us all. To that end I’m delighted to be working so closely with my colleagues in Brighton, Norwich and Newcastle to ensure that Russia’s boldest and most inventive theatrical force will be thrilling audiences across England.” Mark Ball, Artistic Director of LIFT

You do not see work as original or stirring as Krymov’s every season. A thrillingly inventive production that tingles with sensation,” Time Out New York
Opus No 7 Photo: Pavel Antonov

Krymov is currently one of the most successful Russian theatre directors in the world. Opus No7 was the toast of New York in January 2013 and his take on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a huge hit both at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Edinburgh International Festival in 2012. 
Opus No 7 Photo: Pavel Antonov
William Galinsky, Artistic Director of Norfolk & Norwich Festival, spoke to Dmitry Krymov at his studio in Russia earlier this month. “After training and working as a theatrical set designer, Krymov spent the years after the fall of communism as a very successful painter only to start making theatre again with a group of design students. His is a theatre of magic and transformation, of beautiful, funny and dizzying images and sounds that communicate with its audience far beyond the power of words. When I saw Opus No7 I was struck by his ability to create the most wonderful magic from every day materials. I don’t want to give too much away but in Opus No7 the audience experiences the most extraordinary transformation of everyday objects like newspaper, cardboard and paint. These are the materials of a theatre created by a painter who has discovered a giant, moving, three-dimensional canvas.”

Opus No7 is at Northern Stage from 19-21 June and Secret Theatre will perform four productions during their residency from 4-14 June.

Opus No. 7 Photo Credit: Pavel Antonov

Details of the shows:
A Streetcar Named Desire- Photo:  Alexandra Davenport
Secret Theatre: A Streetcar Named Desire -4, 7, 10, 12 & 14 June
£18.50 / £14.50
A reclaiming of Tennessee Williams’ classic like you’ve never seen it before. "Unsettling, absorbing, thrilling... Stunning." The Times Recommended Age: 14+ 
Secret Theatre: Woyzeck -5 & 11June
£18.50 / £14.50
A mind-boggling staging of George Buchner’s masterpiece of a man, murder and madness. Recommended Age: 14+
Chamber Piece - Photo: Alexandra Davenport
Secret Theatre: Chamber Piece -11 & 14 June
£18.50 / £14.50
A pitch-black comedy from up-and-coming writer Caroline Bird about power, lethal injection and the desperate need for a Twix. ”Smart, effortless and shocking” The Times Recommended Age: 14+ 
Glitterland - Photo: Alexandra Davenport

Secret Theatre: Glitterland -6 June, 7.30pm
£14.50 / £12 concessions
A thrilling story of power, corruption and revenge adapted from John Webster’s The White Devil by Hayley Squires. “Fiercely imaginative” The Telegraph 

Opus No 7 Photo: Pavel Antonov

Opus No7 -19 – 21 June, 7.30pm
£24, £18 concessions
Larger-than-life puppets, duelling pianos, living walls and blizzards of newsprint in this genre-defying double bill from of the most influential figures in Russian theatre, Dmitry Krymov.
Recommended age: 12+ 
Tour dates: Brighton Festival – 3 – 8 May, Norfolk and Norwich Festival 14 – 17 May, Barbican – 4 – 14 June 

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