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Preview: Three Shorts at Newcastle Alphabetti

Three writers. Three directors. Three short plays.

Three Shorts
Newcastle Alphabetti Theatre
Tuesday 3rd – Saturday 7th September 2019

Alphabetti Theatre opens its Autumn season with the premiere of Three Shorts, a triple bill of short plays by writers Elijah Young, Sam Neale and Allison Davies, presented as part of the Just Write artist development scheme. Directed by Karen Traynor, Natasha Haws and Stan Hodgson, these selected scripts have journeyed from rough drafts to fully-formed pieces, and are now brought to life.

NASA Lie The Earth is Flat No Curve
By Elijah Young
Directed by Karen Traynor
Performed by Paula Penman & Eleanor Chaganis
"How would you not want to know? That's just being ignorant."
"No offence Amy but if anyone is going to expose government secrets I don't think it's going to be you. Maybe you should sort your own shit out first."
It’s 5am and Sharon and Amy are waiting outside work for a cab home. Sharon hasn’t worked at the club for long, and this chat over some Pom Bears is the first meaningful conversation the pair have had.

By Sam Neale
Directed by Natasha Haws
Performed by Christina Berriman Dawson & Brian Lonsdale

"Years I'd been free of you. Full, actual years.
And now I'm right back, wallowing around in the pain of it...
And do you know what? It's comforting, familiar."
Can we ever be truly free from someone who is a part of us?
This piece explores power and the boundaries of romantic relationships. Contains themes that may be upsetting to some.

Object Permanence
By Allison Davies
Directed by Stan Hodgson
Performed by Kylie Ann Ford & Rob Kirtley

"They say you can be anything you want. On the telly, an' that. Just believe, work hard.
And if you fancy being a zero hours wage slave then they're absolutely right. Otherwise, bollocks."
Tez is one of life's 'invisibles', struggling to balance a low-paid job that she doesn't care about with everything else she has on her plate, including her Dad. And then the questions begin.

Directors: Natasha Haws, Stan Hodgson, Karen Traynor
Dramaturg: Ben Dickenson
Producer: Esther Fearn
Stage Manager: Chloe Ribbens
Designer: Rosie Bristow
Sound Design: Thomas Tyler

Content warning: please note that these plays handle sensitive and challenging issues.

Tickets are currently on sale via the Alphabetti Theatre website:

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