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Preview: Life by The Throat at Washington Arts Centre

Most Wanted in association with LittleMighty present 
Life by The Throat

Washington Arts Centre

Thursday 12 October 2017

Written and performed by Eve Steele
Directed by Ed Jones

Award-winning writer-performer and former Coronation Street star Eve Steele performs one man’s life from birth to death in this gritty, true-to-life performance exploring class, gender and living life on society’s margins.

“Honest and deeply affecting…”★★★★The Scotsman on Life by the Throat

The remarkable life of Jamie Joseph Patrick Keogh is channelled in this one-woman show inspired by interviews with and acting as a celebration of men who have been involved with drugs, been through the criminal justice system and had to cope with adversity.

Born into poverty and madness, Jamie is a force to be reckoned with. He survives on wit, laughter and ingenious schemes. Whether it's sprinting on sports day, chasing oblivion or running away from cops, it seems to be only a matter of time for him before a crash comes.

In an age when masculinity is in crisis, this is both a show about it means to be a man from a broken background and what it means to be a woman who has loved a man like that. The show celebrates the ingenuity of the thief and the chancer – the bad boy – but also reaches out to him with love, compassion and understanding, aims to give
colourful insight into the lives of those living on the edge in society.

Director Ed Jones said: “We wanted to make grit sparkle. We wanted to tell a story that is not usually told. That the people denigrated in the popular press as crooks and rogues, people written off and la-beled, are often the most fabulous, ingenious, funny and long suffering among us – more than capable, given the right circumstances, of out-shining anyone. Subject matter like this is often dark and gloomy and we wanted to give it shine, warmth and humour – as much as anything because in reality it’s most often like that.
“Also, as some of the show is based on Eve’s own experiences with men - some of them dark and frightening – she wanted to put herself in their shoes to see what makes them tick. At the same time the show is an exploration of some of the darker forces at work in society: prisons, borstal, addiction. In physical terms the show is a spectacle, a feat of acting, pure theatre, no props, no set, one woman on stage performing at full stretch, creating a whole life before your very eyes – the element of magic. Non naturalism, a physical feat, two shows in one: the play and the spectacle.”

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Running time: 70 mins approx  
Age restriction: 14+


Life by the Throat comes to Arts Centre Washington on Thursday 12 October.  Tickets are from £6 and can be booked by visiting calling 0191 561 3455.

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