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Preview: Being An Ultimate Warrior on tour

Made 4 Stage Theatre Productions
Being An Ultimate Warrior

Sunderland Theatre Space NE
Saturday 30th September 2017

North Shields The Exchange
Saturday 7th October 2017

Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle
Friday 20th October 2017

Made4Stage Theatre Productions present Being an Ultimate Warrior. From the writer of the critically acclaimed plays The Big Time, The Big Hit & The Big Goodbye comes a new one man play that packs a punch.

Karl is a life-long wrestling fan struggling with a life changing event. To help him, he looks back through his life growing up watching the in-ring battles, all while dealing with real life battles. Filled with laughter and tears, his journey reveals what it takes to be a real Ultimate Warrior!

Being an Ultimate Warrior previewed at The Customs House in South Shields Oct 2016, receiving great audience reaction and feedback. The North East Theatre Guide said: “One of the reasons why this production works so well is that there is a real personal feeling within the delivery. The story is believable and heart warming. It is emotional but not over the top. It is a great piece of new writing by Wayne Miller

So after a small reworking and rewrite, the production is now ready to hit other North East venues this September and October. Being an Ultimate Warrior hopes to repeat its previous success this time round and help raise awareness of the themes tackled in the play.

Based on writer Wayne Miller's life growing up, the production sheds light on many real life struggles like alcoholism , bullying and depression. Many things that a lot of people can’t or wont talk about, leaving a lot unsaid that needs to be said. So Wayne hopes it will show it is indeed ok to talk about not being ok.

Wayne Millers
“I have struggled with depression in my life, only a few people I have let close have known that. It was something I always wanted to keep a secret, in fear of people thinking the worst of me or just thinking I needed to “cheer up” as there was nothing wrong with me. So writing this piece was my way of talking about it in an indirect way. It really helped me” Says Wayne.

Mental Health has been something that still does not get talked about enough in society, still considered by many as a “Taboo” subject. So Being an Ultimate Warrior aims to battle against that and show it can be talked about, and in this case it can be used in an art form such as theatre.

“After we previewed the show last year many people praised it being a piece of theatre highlighting such themes and doing it in an entertaining way. I have seen people using poetry and art as a way to express their battles with mental health and I think we should see a lot more of it.” Wayne adds

Being an Ultimate Warrior not only highlights real life battles but favourite in the ring battles. Growing up as a wrestling fan, that larger than life world is the perfect place to lose yourself. So the world of wrestling meets theatre in this production. Something the writer is very pleased about,

“Yes I was a huge wrestling fan growing up, World of Sport, WCW, WWF(now WWE). You know what, I’m still a huge fan of it, so I get great joy from reminiscing and talking about it. Lots of happy memories. So its so nice to be able to bring the world of wrestling with me into me world of theatre”

So this September to October Being an Ultimate Warrior hits the North East once again with a powerful and often funny piece of theatre. Come be a part of this life journey and find out what it really takes to be a true Ultimate Warrior.

Being an Ultimate Warrior t
Tickets £8-£9

Theatre Space NE, Sunderland Saturday 30th September 2017

The Exchange, North Shields Saturday 7th October 2017

Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle Friday 20th October 2017


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