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Preview: Prof Callum Roberts at Darlington Central Hall


Professor Callum Roberts
Darlington Central Hall, Dolphin Centre
Friday 19 June 2015.

Professor Callum Roberts to give an insight into humanity’s relationship with the sea at Central Hall, Dolphin Centre on Friday 19 June.

Callum Roberts is Professor of Marine Conservation at the University of York. He was first tempted into marine science by a trip to the coral reefs of Saudi Arabia, where he studied behaviour and coexistence of herbivorous fishes. This led to a lifelong love of coral reefs and effectively dispelled his prior notion that marine science was all about freezing on the deck of a North Sea trawler knee deep in fish. In the early 1990s his interests in behaviour gave way to concern about the deteriorating condition of coral reefs, leading to his current emphasis on marine conservation.

In this presentation Callum will explore the remarkable story of humanity’s relationship with the sea, from the first fisheries to our planetary dominance today. We are changing the oceans faster and in more ways than at any time in human history, threatening sea-life and putting human wellbeing in jeopardy. Are we headed for disaster or can we chart a course to safe waters?

Callum Roberts Future Oceans: A Sea of Hope or Despair is at Central Hall, Dolphin Centre on Friday 19 June. Tickets* are priced £12

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