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Preview: We Are The Best! Newcastle Live Theatre

We Are The Best! A glorious high volume anarchic launch to Live Theatre’s new season. 

We Are The Best! 

Newcastle Live Theatre

Thursday 26 May to Saturday 18 June 2022

Live Theatre launches its new season on Thursday 26 May 2022 with an explosive world premiere stage adaptation of We Are The Best! a film described by the New York Times as ‘a joyous heart-swelling story of youthful rebellion.’  

Charged with the anarchic spirit of the North East, this is a high energy ensemble comedy about finding your voice, the power of friendship and the joy of sticking two fingers up at a society that tries to define you. 

Lukas Moodysson’s cult film, based on his wife Coco’s acclaimed comic book, Never Goodnight, was an international sensation when it first came out and has now been rewritten by major upcoming talent Rebecca Glendenning (Bonnie and Fanny’s Christmas SpectacularBonBons CabaretSheltered) as a glorious punk story for here and now.  

Set in Stockholm in 1982 the story follows friends and misfits Bobo and Klara. Tired of oppression from classmates, parents and teachers, Bobo and Klara decide to start a band, joined by Hedwig, the shiest girl in school. They’re on a mission to change their world and their hair. They don’t know how to play, but that doesn’t matter because they are doing it and they are the best!!! 

We Are The Best!
 will be directed by Jack McNamara, Live Theatre’s Artistic Director/Joint CEO and this will be his first production at the Newcastle Quayside venue.  

Jack McNamara said: “
For this opening show I wanted to give everyone a messy, massive, loud-as-hell hug. It’s been a nightmare few years but there is always joy to be had, there are always friendships worth fighting for, and there is always art to be made. And sometimes the noisier and messier that art the better. How else to express the madness of the time we are in?  


“I think about what young people have gone through over these last years and feel the need to say: ‘Invade the stage. Say whatever you want. Pick up an instrument you don’t know how to play and play it. Never wait for approval’.”  

Writer, Rebecca Glendenning said: I am so excited to be working on this loud, unrestrained, anthem of a show. It's a love letter to the time before you start to learn what real life is and before all the boring admin of life sets in. When it's just you and your friends against the world and the incredible power and invincibility that gives us. It's about the pockets of joy these friends create just by being unapologetically themselves and being each other's biggest champions. I hope after the past few years we've had, it helps people connect with that invincible young person inside them and lets them know it's still okay to shout and take up space and make a right racket with your best friends!" 

Jack McNamara added: “This is a play about the unashamed joy of DIY creative expression. Of being who you are and finding your own way against the endless tide of adult banality.  It says very simply that everyone is an artist if they want to be. They just need the space. And so that is what they have here.  I am particularly excited by the fact that this production will be led by three brand new talents who have never set foot on Live’s stage before. It’s theirs now. And I promise you, they really are the best. We have a big year of new work to announce very soon. But this is our first offer. We hope it gives you the hug you all deserve.” 

We Are The Best!
 is a high energy production that will appeal to adults, those who experienced the anarchic days of the punk era themselves, but it also offers a rare opportunity to cross generations with much to say to the youth of today. Live Theatre’s Teenagers Go Free offer will be available on selected dates during the run.   


We Are The Best! from Thursday 26 May to Saturday 18 June promises a great night of theatre. Tickets on sale now priced at £10 to £24 with concessions from £6.  To book tickets and to find out more contact Live Theatre’s Box Office on (0191) 232 1232 or visit  


We Are The Best! Thursday 26 May to Saturday 18 June 2022 

BSL performance, Tuesday 7 June, 7.30pm 

Audio Described and Captioned performance Wednesday 8 June, 7.30pm 

Meet The Creative Team Thursday 9 June (after the 7.30pm performance) 

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