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PR and photography based in Northeast England

PR and photography based in Northeast England


With Northeast overheads and hence not London prices!

Jowheretogo Photography
Some bands seems to have social media sussed. We like to see that. Sometimes it's a member of the band who's just relatively good at it and has the time. But often we see bands who, although have a great product, are virtually invisible online, or have erratic social media presence. Word of mouth is important, but with your audience spending so much time online, why not engage with them?
Stagg Do Promotion
At Jowheretogo we offer campaigns for music releases and can tailor campaigns for other creative projects. For example we worked on the Stagg Do movie's very succesful Kickstarter campaign. We are currently helping publicise an art exhibition in Carlisle, and working on social media for bands and a rock gig promoter in the Northeast.

Not everyone has the budget for a full campaign, although at £450 for an 8 week campaign we are hard to beat.

We offer social media work at a rate of £60 per month. This keeps your social media channels growing and active, and means we are on board to help you find new opportunities. The fact we are online so much means we see the festival updates, the gigs that have had dropouts, and the calls for artists to submit music.

Anyone in the creative industry can benefit from someone handling the social media, as it lets you concentrate on...creating!

Meghann Clancy
We also offer photography. We reckon we are amongst the best live performance photographers in the Northeast. Yes you can get free shots elsewhere..but I've seen them, and they just don't look professional. We are going to be in Newcastle City centre in Bamburgh House as of September 2015. We will be able to offer headshots for actors/comedians starting then. We plan to do these for £110 per shot, with a 25% discount for the first 5 clients. It will take as long as it takes to get the best shot, sometimes an hour just isn't enough!

After years taking photos of moving people in limited light, theatre rehearsal photos will be a doddle.

The Northeast Theatre Guide is our blog. It attracts over 14000 reads every month, this number continues to grow.

Whatever you need: PR, social media, copywriting, photography, get in touch.

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