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Review: The Sense of an Ending at Newcastle Dance City

“I Am Still Here”

The Sense of an Ending from Red Road Theatre
Newcastle Dance City
15th November 2014.

A lady walks onto the stage carrying 2 suitcases. Pauses. She carries on, clearly upset. What has happened to her on her journey? So begins The Sense of an Ending, from Red Road Theatre, the latest commission from Dance City.

Four performers interpret a numbers of different women’s stories, from the pleasure of jumping in cow pats to the darker, more violent side of relationships. A single message through each of the three montages is that they carry on, despite everything.

The weight of the original stories carries great emotion in the remarkable performances by Molly Hodkinson, Kate Jackson, Caroline Reece and Sue Mitchell. Each story develops from graceful flowing moments to the harsh, painful episodes as they experience life changing events from their childhood through to their own mortality. Both captivating and challenging, the phenomenal performers drew the audience into the narrative.

The production also features amazing lighting design, by James Froment, which helps convey the sense of light and dark, as well as journeys into the unknown.  The use of monochrome film, by Jamie Korn, in the final sequence added a further important element to that sense of going on a journey. Al Oranges’ sound design features music that has been suggested or inspired by the original women’s stories and its production added a vital tone to reflective nature of the drama. 

Artistic Director Nadia Iftkhar has assembled an impressive production using the stories of between 50 to 60 women from the North.  Their stories are a mixture of pain, pleasure and resilience resulting in a powerful and well crafted production.

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