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News: Poetry and Music Create “Bridges” between Newcastle and Warsaw

Poetry and Music Create “Bridges” between Newcastle and Warsaw

Dennis Westgate, 81, is a composer and writer of musicals. During his time at Breeze Creatives in Market Street, he has met poets Adam Siemieńczyk and Grażyna Winniczuk who became very interested in his music.

Dennis & Grażyna 
Dennis was overwhelmed to be invited to a launch of Adam’s and Grażyna’s book of poetry Mosty (Bridges) in Poland. The Premiere was to be on World Poetry Day at Dom Literatury (Literary House) in Warsaw. He played his music to accompany the reading of the poetry at the Premiere.

During the visit, Dennis was given a whistle-stop tour of community centres, and an Orthodox church, helped with a poetry workshop in Białystok, visited Bialowieża National Park, played piano at a book reading with crafts in Książnica Podlask (a library in Bialystok),  and visited  Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic. This was a lot for the 81 year old to experience in a short visit but he enjoyed every moment, except perhaps the sauerkraut!

Dennis Westgate - Photo: Carliol Photography
Dennis had the opportunity to meet with publishers, directors and performers during his visit. He said, “The Polish love their poetry, it was an honour to be involved with this occasion and it seems there will more opportunities to collaborate with artists in Poland. “

Dennis is the head of Tyne Music Ltd at Breeze Creatives, where he has a recording studio and a team working to get his musicals on stage.

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