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Preview: Madama Butterfly at Darlington Hippodrome


Madama Butterfly
Darlington Hippodrome
Wednesday 21st March 2018

Ellen Kent’s award-winning production of Madama Butterfly returns to Darlington Hippodrome and, as always, Ellen is making it a community affair. She has invited Stagecoach Theatre Arts Hartlepool & Darlington to supply a child to play Sorrow and other children to take part and experience the joy of treading the boards themselves in this exquisite production of Puccini’s masterpiece.

Issac Swan, aged 5 years old from New Marske near Redcar, attends Stagecoach Theatre Arts Hartlepool & Darlington and will appear opposite Maria Hee Jung Kim from the National Opera, Seoul, Korea who sings the tragic Cio-Cio San. After being seduced and then deserted by Lieutenant Pinkerton and being shunned by her family and friends, Cio-Cio San names her child Sorrow, ever hopeful that Pinkerton will return so she can rename the child Joy. However when Pinkerton finally does return with his new American wife, Cio-Cio San ends up taking her own life, racked with despair over his betrayal.

Issac was spotted by Paula Day principal of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Hartlepool & Darlington, he was then chosen from several different children by Opera and Ballet International for the role of Sorrow. He recently took part in the production in Sunderland, and will perform again at Darlington Hippodrome on Wednesday 21st March having rehearsed with his drama school before joining the cast and full orchestra for the performances.

Issac Swan
His mother Gemma says “Issac is very excited and keeps talking about the child Sorrow and his role. He has been writing stories about Sorrow and Cio-Cio San and has even drawn a poster which he’s put up outside the house. He can’t wait for the performance at Darlington Hippodrome and has been inviting friends, family and teachers along to watch him take part”. When Issac grows up he wants to be a performer, singer or maybe a head-teacher.

Madama Butterfly is at Darlington Hippodrome on Wednesday 21st March at 7.30pm.

For more information or to book contact the box office on 01325 405405 or visit

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