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Preview: Brainstorm at Arts Centre Washington

Arts Centre Washington Saturday 24th March 2018

Caedmon Hall, Gateshead Central Library Wednesday 11th April 2018

You say to me... Your brain is broken.
I say to you,
No- my brain is imperfectly perfect; an adult's brain in training.

Mortal Fools theatre company presents Brainstorm; a fast paced, dynamic and physical performance theatre show coming to Sunderland, Gateshead and Barrow-in-Furness. For young people and their parents, the show explores how young people’s brains work and why they’re designed and have evolved to be imperfectly perfect.

Mortal Fools have been working with a group of young people from their flapship youth theatre, Tyne Valley Youth Theatre, to create their production of 'Brainstorm'; a part-scripted play exploring teenage brain development and how this translates to real-life experience. Using a script developed by Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and Company Three in collaboration with neuroscientists; Mortal Fools Director Helen Ferguson and the ensemble cast delve into their personal experiences to explore their relationships with their parents and themselves, whilst making sense of the world around them.

Inside every young person’s brain, 86 billion neurons connect, crash, collide and clash to cause daily chaotic and exhilarating changes; a hive of constant activity, growing, evolving, changing. Brainstorm explores this through a poignant, honest, funny and thought-provoking show, challenging you to see young people and their brains in new ways whilst exploring themes around growing up, young people’s mental health and societal expectations.

Mortal Fools Creative Producer and Brainstorm Director Helen Ferguson said: “This play really is all about understanding young people; their brains and why they are the way they are. Through this process we have learned that teenage brains are busy, messy and confusing, but they are also full of fun, new ideas, and the ability to take risks and try things – which is a real benefit to making theatre!  Brainstorm has been a hugely enjoyable and eye-opening project to work on. We have loved the opportunity to explore such a fascinating and important subject matter with a group of interesting and dynamic young people.”

Tyne Valley Youth Theatre Member Amelia said: “Brainstorm has been a project unlike any other; we play ourselves and have had to explore our own thoughts and motivations. From an acting perspective this is something you never get to do and it’s been both eye opening and challenging. I’ve discovered things about myself that I hadn’t necessarily thought about, but I’ve also had to face things that were not always easy to admit. This is a very raw and honest play and thus I am able to give one of the most genuine performances I can.”

This is a play about us.
And it’s a play about you.


Arts Centre Washington
Saturday 24 March, 7.30pm

Caedmon Hall, Gateshead Central Library
Wednesday 11 April, 6pm

Tickets are £3 per young person (18yrs and younger) & £5 per adult.

Tickets can be purchased from

Running Time: 80 minutes (no interval)
Age Guidance: Recommended 14+

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