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EdFringe Review: Griffin and Jones: Slapdash Magic ★★★★

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Griffin and Jones: Slapdash Magic ★★★★

Edinburgh La Belle Angèle (Venue 301)
Until Sunday 28th August 2016

Tucked away behind the Cowgate is a club venue that is very tardis like and yet Steve Griffin and Nathan Jones had a nice large crowd assembled. They describe themselves as the pioneers of slapdash magic and yet they are more than this. Comedy isn’t slapdash – it is well timed within an inch of its life it is to be done well, and these guys know this. The show also goes to prove how hidden gems are to be found on the Free Fringe – the cost is not necessarily a measure of quality.

The show gives the air of an anarchic cabaret. The occasion comment and action between the 2 performers reminded us of Rick Mayall and Ade Edmondson as the Dangerous Brothers. The tricks that do actually work, but seem to be doomed to fail is a tribute to the legendary Tommy Cooper. In other words, the show has a fine pedigree.

A wonderful mix of cards (yes they do manage an interesting card trick), straight jackets and lemons. The audience do help but are never insulted or put under pressure. No, the pressure and nervous energy is entirely with Griffin and Jones. The laughs are plentiful and when the show hit its climax the crowd were on there feet in genuine appreciation.

The hour flew by thanks to fab tricks, funny dialogue and a clear understanding of how to make a show take off. They are the Chaos Twins!

This review was written by Stephen Oliver for the North East Theatre Guide. Follow Stephen on twitter as @panic_c_button

The show is part of the Free Fringe and a collection is taken at the end of the show. Details:

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