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EdFringe Review: Die Magik Kunst ★★★½

Die Magik Kunst ★★★½
Edinburgh La Belle Angèle (Venue 301)  
Until Sunday 28th August 2016

Here is a comedy magic show with a theme. If the audience engages with that theme then they will enjoy the show. It is as much a comedy show as it is a magic show and it was a fun hour.

Created by ex Men in Coats Toby McMillan and Louie Bayliss, Grainger and Hans appear as two magicians who had hit the big time until a trick went very wrong. They had gone from Vegas to zero overnight. After going their separate ways they have reunited for one last stab at the big time.

The show begins with a video montage describing the history of these 2 characters to date.  When a joke on the tape mentioned the Nazis there was a gasp from some in the audience. Are there some topics that will always remain taboo? It is only a brief moment and quickly the stars are on stage doing their tricks, complete with a Zimmer frame. As much of the entertainment is derived from the idea that they are much older so it will take a lot longer for simple tasks, such as moving across the stage, to take place. Having said that, the delay in the big reveal towards the end of the show was well timed.

The old people theme continues with the jokes/magic and included Werthers Original and false sets of teeth.  The soundtrack sounds like it has come from one of the rides at Alton Towers with its bombastic blasts.

The show has some magic. It has some jokes. It just seemed a little drawn out as the emphasis on “old people are slow” was regularly reiterated. Our son, a big fan of anarchic comedy, loved it. I was less convinced by the pace. Having said that, it was a pleasant enough way to spend an hour and as a part of free fringe, it is low risk to your pocket if it turns out not to be your cup of tea.

This review was written by Stephen Oliver the North East Theatre Guide – follow Stephen at @panic_c_button

This show is a part of the free fringe and a collection takes place at the end of the show. Details:


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