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EdFringe: Alistair Williams: I've Started So I'm Finished ★★★★

Alistair Williams: I've Started So I'm Finished ★★★★
Edinburgh Just the Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88)
Until Sunday 28th August 2016

Comedy works well if the act is charming with the audience and they try to wrap their act around a theme. Alistair is definitely the former and nearly achieves the latter. The end result was a very entertaining hour in a crowded market place.

The theme appeared to be “what is it like being Alistair Williams”, which is at least something he knows something about. Opening with a gag about the hens and stags that attended the night before would have been funnier if I hadn’t remembered that the venue was actually shut all day yesterday. I know…don’t take comedy too literally.

That slip up apart, Alistair keeps the room on side throughout the show in his debut EdFringe show. We are given a tour of the life of the ex-advertising sales executive who now has to share accommodation with a group of much younger Australians in Croyden.  From interviews at Subway through to total misunderstandings with what his housemates are offering via seeking love whilst being a skint comedian who works at night and at weekends, the show flows well.

Alistair is a welcoming host and never picks on the audience. This is one of those rare shows in which it is safe to sit in the front row. His charm comes through and the audience shares in the empathy that his tales describe. It was a funny hour and he kept the crowd laughing at regular intervals throughout the set. What more could you want?

This review was written by Stephen Oliver the North East Theatre Guide – follow Stephen at @panic_c_button

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