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FIlm Review: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6
Film on general release

In a week in which most cinemas are full of 50 Shades, it was great to see our local community cinema in Hexham showing a family film.

Disney have produced a half term treat that is poles apart from the princess-fesr that was Frozen. In fact this song has no big soundtrack hits – so there will be no sing-a-long-a-big hero 6. No, this is a film that shows it is canny to be into science and technology – the geeks will inherit the Earth, as it were.

Hiro is our young hero, and he loves his tech. After building robots to battle with, he wants to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and develop robots and other technology. He comes up with microbots as a showpiece in order to win a place at the school’s robotics program. Hiro is successful in getting the place but disaster strikes as a fire breaks out, killing his brother. He is left with his brother’s project – an inflatable nursing robot called Baymax, and a group of his brother’s friendly former colleagues. Hiro needs to get the bottom of why there was a fire and so the adventures unfold.

The bright animation is excellent and the detail of the background often separates this from some recent lesser films. The back alleys felt grimy and the city high rised. The pace of the story bounced along at fair old lick which helped maintain the attention of the younger members of the audience. The film is charming without being patronising, colourful without being sickly. There is also a short at the start of the film about man’s best friend which is well worth arriving on time for and a great little sequence after the titles finish.

A cracking family film for half term.

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