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Preview: The Picture of Doreen Gray at South Shields Customs House

Classic Gets a New Spin
At South Tyneside Theatre

The Picture of Doreen Gray
South ShieldsCustoms House
Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th February

An award-winning comedy duo are returning to The Customs House next with a new take on an old favourite. LipService and Oldham Coliseum are presenting The Picture of Doreen Gray at the Mill Dam venue in South Shields on February 24 and 25.

Maggie Fox as Doreen
The show is a new version of Oscar Wilde’s fantasy thriller The Picture of Dorian Gray.  It stars the wonderfully funny Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding together with a supporting cast of local actors in an exciting mix of filmed and live action acting. The local cast includes members of Customs Voices who were last seen in the ensemble of Get Up and Tie Your Fingers last summer.

Doreen Gray has it all: a drive time radio show and a high ratings lifestyle programme on Even More 4, but hitting 50, Doreen finds her face no longer fits the bill. At a school reunion she stumbles across a youthful portrait of herself and makes a dark and dreadful pact with the picture.

Sue, who is artistic director of LipService along with Maggie, said: “LipService is a comedy duo and we do genre spoofs. This is loosely based on Oscar Wilde’s novel but obviously that has a grim outcome but we’re comedians so ours has a happy outcome. It’s about Doreen Gray; she’s a radio presenter and she has a show a bit like Top Gear meets Antiques Roadshow. The producers decide she’s looking jaded and want a younger model. It’s then she goes to a school reunion. It celebrates age and experience, women and life. It’s very funny, there’s lots of brilliant songs and dances and very funny visual gags – which I won’t give away!”

LipService have already brought the successful Inspector Norse, Move over Moriarty and Withering Looks to The Customs House.
The show is directed by Gwenda Hughes who also directed Inspector Norse and Move Over Moriarty with music by Tayo Akinbode.

Customs House Executive Director Ray Spencer, MBE, said: “We’re thrilled LipService are returning to The Customs House and delighted Maggie and Sue will be working with local budding actors too. They have been working together and touring shows for almost 30 years and create truly funny theatre. There shows are a must-see for anyone who loves the classics or comedy plays.”

Tickets are £14, £13 concession or £25 for a ticket to the show and a two-course meal in the theatre.
To book or for more information visit contact the box office on 0191 454 1234.

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