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Preview: Four Pantos from Walton-Gunn Coming to South Shields


Four Pantos from Walton-Gunn Coming to South Shields

North East theatre company Walton-Gunn Productions announce their upcoming 2021/22 Pantomime Season. Four pantos that will deliver some much needed entertainment for people of all ages. The company based in South Shields have fought through a tough year, like many companies throughout the UK.  To celebrate surviving, what has been the toughest year for the entertainment industry, they announce they are back and hope to be stronger than ever.

Walton-Gunn producer Stacy Walton says “Our industry like many, has been tested like never before. A real lack of government support and guidance has forced so many companies and theatres to close. We have been so lucky to survive and bounce back, getting to bring theatre back and employ actors once again. That has only been possible because of the support of theatre goers, not arts funding, not government funding…just the love and need for entertainment from those that love what theatre has to offer.”

Peter Plank and Wendy The Witch Returns

The company, who have become known for their popular Peter Plank and Wendy The Witch pantomimes,  are set to bring back those popular characters alongside some traditional favourites. In August they will produce a true family classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’, this will be their largest pantomime to date, featuring a selection of the North East’s top pantomime stars, dancers and their own Walton-Gunn Performing Arts students.

Following that, Wendy The Witch returns to the stage this October in a brand new Halloween adventure, ‘Wendy The Witch & The Phantom Panto Party’. Hot on Wendy’s heels will be Peter Plank as he returns with a very popular Easter pantomime from 2019, Peter Plank In…It’s Bearly Easter. Bearly Easter will entertain families April 2022, concluding the pantomime season for company.

Stacy Walton adds “ We are so pleased to celebrate being back, with a fan favourite like Sleeping Beauty. However, having our home grown Peter & Wendy pantos return is so so special to us. We hope to enjoy every production with our supportive theatre family , not just this year, but for many more to come.”

Adult Panto arrives in Shields

So, entertaining times ahead for families and the young ones over the next twelve months from Walton-Gunn. Wait, what about the big kids you ask? They have those covered too, something to kick start the season… something adult this way comes. June 11th to 13th will see a take on the panto classic Dick Whittington at Armstrong’s Bar in South Shields. ‘Dickless Whittington’ the adult’s only version of the well known tale makes a welcome return, after being shut down by government restrictions in March 2020. The hilarious production managed to get one show into its run, before having to take a bow and leave the stage.  This time, they hope they get to enjoy every performance, sharing some long overdue laughs with an audience who’ve supported the company though a tough time. 

The shows writer and director Wayne Miller says: “This will be a huge step for us as a company and an industry, something that we want to celebrate with our audiences. Not only that, but give back a little, by supporting a trust that was created to help dreams come true for young performers. Those who are wanting to be part of the theatre and entertainment industry. We will be raising money for the Chloe & Liam Together Forever Trust in June, with a bucket collection and a raffle.”

If ever there was a time to laugh and let go, it’s now. Walton-Gunn Productions have on offer, many chances for people of all ages to be able to enjoy some comedy, calamity and catchy tunes. So, don’t miss out, grab some tickets and celebrate the return of theatre.

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