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REVIEW: Skank at Newcastle Bobik’s

Newcastle Bobik’s
Saturday 31st August 2019

A new venue in Jesmond hosts its first theatre production in its 60-seater studio space. Skank, a single handed production created and performed by Clementine Bogg-Hargroves, focuses on a bored office temp who has dreams to become a writer but lacks motivation to get started.

Clementine’s show threads both the desire to succeed and have a place in the bigger scheme of things and to be healthy. The show centres around Kate who has just started work in an office but finds that she isn’t given much work to do and so she has time to ponder about life. She wants to be noticed by sexy Gary, to do her bit for society by recycling her baked bean can and to be given a clean bill of health by her doctor.

The play has dialogue through pre-recorded replies to Kate’s conversations. We are exposed to annoying work mates and line managers, her brother who is trying to perfect his culinary masterpieces and doctors who will put her through some uncomfortable medical procedures.  A first impression of Kate may be of a vacuous and annoying egocentric individual but as the frequently comedic story unfolds you appreciate the inner fears over health and relationships partly explains her neuroses.

There are laughs from recognising the people in Kate’s life. Clementine Bogg-Hargroves’ story is an energetic journey in a young adult’s life. A balance of lighter moments and the darker realities of becoming an adult make for an entertaining hour.

The show moves to:
Preston Stanley Arms September 3 -
Blackpool Bootleg Social September 4 -

Skank represents Bobik’s entry to delivering low cost fringe theatre. It is a very fine upstairs venue. The whole building has been refurbished recently to a very high standard and has some interesting theming around Russia and the early space missions. Indeed this extends to the posters in Bobik’s itself and the Russian translation on the tickets. The downstairs pub has a very wide range of drinks, which were nice, and food which we did not try on this occasion. As we left the venue, a classic vinyl LP was playing on the corner of the bar. It is no surprise that this is the new venue for ‘Mr Drayton’s Record Player’ on Wednesday 16th October (

The Castaways
Theatre returns to Bobik’s when White Tree Theatre performs The Castaways on Saturday 30th November at 8.30pm

What is it about…

“In the not too distant future, flooding and coastal erosion have ravaged many parts of the UK, and scores of towns and cities have been destroyed. Despite the warning signs, the rallies and petitions, the problem has been largely ignored. Now the country is in a state of emergency.
Turning the international refugee crisis on its head, The Castaways is the story of Sam, a young mother trying to protect her family and find a new home in a country on the brink of environmental devastation. She and her young son are flooded out of their home in York, and from there they embark on a journey that will lead them from camp to camp, forced into a reality of hunger and uncertainty. With a growing population of desperate migrants, border control is strict, but as the veneer of civilisation begins to slip, Sam is faced with the dangerous decision to flee.”
Written by - Rachel Price
Directed by - Rebecca Thomson
Performed by - Charlotte Wood

Simon Donald as
Barry Twyford
Bobik’s has a large number of music and comedy acts appearing over the next couple of months. One act that had us laughing all the way through was Simon Donald (him off The Viz) who is bringing Barry Twyford Means You No Harm on Thursday 26th September -

We look forward to our next trip to Bobik’s. A great addition to the Newcastle live scene.

Review by Stephen Oliver.

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