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Preview: Where We Began at Stockton ARC

Where We Began
Stockton ARC
Tuesday 18th – Wednesday 19th September 2018

What would happen if our world leaders decided to send everybody home?

Imagine if in a bid to save the planet, all cross border travel was banned, and world leaders ordered everyone, regardless of citizenship, to return to their place of birth.

Where We Began tells the story of four people who are sent back to Zimbabwe, Brazil, Ireland and Greece – and one person that remains in England.

Drawing on real life experiences of five international performers, watch as they push back against inhumane policies, fall in line, and define themselves when identities are forced upon them.

Live music and storytelling come together in this multilingual celebration of identity, which challenges the existing notions of what home is.

This performance is priced on a Pay What You Decide basis, which means that tickets are available to book in advance as usual, but there is no obligation for you to pay until after you have seen the show. You can then decide on a price which you think is suitable based on your experience

Zoe Katsilerou
Tafadzwa Muchenje
Gael Le Cornec
Shireen Farkhoy
Rosie MacPherson

Director: Hannah Butterfield
Producer: John Tomlinson
Written by: Rosie MacPherson
Production Manager: Charlotte Woods

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Age Recommendation: 14+
Price: Pay What You Decide

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