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Preview: Romeo and Juliet at Newcastle People’s Theatre

“These violent delights have violent ends”

Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare
Newcastle People’s Theatre
Tuesday 2 to Saturday 6 October 2018

Famous as a romance about two “star-crossed” lovers, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is also a bloodthirsty tragedy that pulls no punches in its portrayal of feuding families, doomed love and violent confrontations.

Craig Fairbairn as Romeo and
Emma Jane Richards as Juliet.
Inspired by hit television series Peaky Blinders director Anna Dobson and the team have created a gritty and stylish backdrop to tell this legendary story.

Like Peaky Blinders, the production is set just after WW1, and expect a blisteringly contemporary and edgy soundtrack.

The Romani gypsy culture present in Peaky Blinders helps to create a world where a belief in fate and the stars makes sense and the violence and corruption so rife in the TV show helps to depict the ‘ancient grudge’ between families Montague and Capulet.

They’ve got the haircuts, the suits, the caps and the music. But... it’s Shakespeare’s words.

Redevelopment update –

Over the last four years we have raised £1.6 million to complete the biggest update to their building since moving here in 1963. The results of this effort - including an improved exterior and a new foyer, bar and gallery and full access to all areas of the venue for wheelchair and mobility restricted users - can now be enjoyed by all their visitors.

They continue to fundraise for exciting and necessary projects, including enhancing the new Studio Theatre to an even higher standard for exciting and varied performances and upgrading the ladies toilets to do away with queues at busy times.

To find out how you can help them continue the improvements, visit

Photos: Paula Smart

Tickets:     £14 (Concessions £11.50)
Box office: 0191 265 5020 or online from

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