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Preview: May Contain Food at Stockton ARC

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Award-winning dance company Protein come to ARC with their most playful show to date, with live music and a dining setting that may contain food…

May Contain Food
Stockton ARC
Thursday 24th November 2016

Following a warmly received UK tour, four vocalists and four dancers return to sing for their supper in a witty piece of dance and music theatre that will provoke thinking on the sensory, cultural and social implications of food, from savouring the simplicity of a cherry tomato to touching on the moral dilemma of vegetarianism. With renowned composer Orlando Gough’s music sung live and a tempting waft of freshly-baked pudding, expect a performance sure to delight all the senses.
Weaving through celebrated designer Yann Seabra’s interactive set, the performers will invite the audience to sit at a table, offer a tasting menu and then serve a show. Luca Silvestrini and Orlando Gough have collaborated closely so that all movement is composed and music choreographed and performed a cappella, creating an immersive experience of indulgence, nostalgia and mischief.
Speaking about the show Luca Silvestrini said “My interest in working with Orlando and singers results from years of creating works that use text and the spoken word. In my recent pieces, such as LOL (lots of love) and Border Tales, movement and speech complemented one another at both a physical and emotional level. This collaboration with Orlando using the art of a cappella singing has been a wonderful opportunity to understand and exploit further the expressive power of voice and text creatively. We had talked for years about making an immersive piece of dance theatre around social occasions and life at mealtimes when what matters is feeding the senses and having a good time, and now we have created a show that brings all these elements together in our new piece, May Contain Food.”
Orlando Gough said “I have for at least twenty years aspired to collaborate on a piece in which dancers and singers would perform together on equal terms; a piece that would emphasise the physicality and theatricality of the two disciplines. Rather than put them alongside each other, it would seek to find their common ground.  Meanwhile I am a very keen cook (to the extent of having written a cookbook), and am interested in the political, social and cultural aspects of eating. I have always been a committed fan of Luca's work, so this is a dream project for me.”
Cast & Creatives: Conceived and created by Luca Silvestrini and Orlando Gough         
Music by OrlandoGough Directed by Luca Silvestrini
Designed by Yann Seabra          Lighting by Jackie Shemesh

Devised and performed by Sonya Cullingford, Martin George, Carl Harrison, Michael Henry, Saara Hurme, Donna Lennard, Louise Sofield, Matthew Winston

Additional material devised by Jeremy Avis, Sara Black, Jonathan Glew, Antonia Grove, Sally Marie, Melanie Pappenheim, PeterWillcock, Jonathan Williams
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May Contain Food is at Stockton ARC on Thursday 24th November 2016at 7pm.

To book tickets (which are priced on a Pay What You Decide basis) or for more information call ARC’s Box Office on 01642 525199 or go to

Suitable for ages 12+ (contains mild swearing).

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