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Preview: Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go? at Stockton Arc

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From Teesside to the moon – local man’s play is set for big laughs at ARC this week

Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go?
Stockton Arc
Thursday 22nd September 2016

An award-winning theatre maker, actor and Stockton lad is heading to ARC on Thursday to put on quite a show about his beloved Teesside.
Scott Turnbull’s new show Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go? is not about pigeons at all, but is full of comedy, farce, drawings and anecdotes with some regular nods to Scott’s Stockton roots and his beloved Middlesbrough football club.
It features a funny yet moving friendship with a computerised character based on Middlesbrough FC legend Tony Mowbray, an unusual job advert in a local paper and a rather odd scene about foxes.
Part of the show revolves a character called Darren Smith who moves to the moon after applying for a job he’d seen in a local paper.
The show gained some excellent reviews when it was performed at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and now Scott is excited to bring it to ARC where he is hoping that Teessiders will be able to relate to the humour and local angle of the show.
Speaking about the play and his Teesside upbringing which has helped form its content, Scott said:  “Back in the 80’s when I shared a room with my older brother Neil, we had posters all over the walls- Debbie Harry, Erasure, Pink Floyd and pride of place amongst them all was the 1988/89 Middlesbrough team photo. My brother had somehow managed to get all the players signatures, by spending wet and windy afternoons outside the old Ayresome Park, with my uncle Bill. Naturally, I grew up a fan of the club and an admirer of all things red and white. 

“This year I decided to write my first play. I knew that I wanted to put a little piece of Middlesbrough on stage, and ended up creating Where Do All the Dead Pigeons Go? It's all about Darren Smith- Teesside’s very own ‘man on the moon’. 

“He lives aboard Moon-base 1 with his best friend the T-100. The T-100 is a highly intelligent ‘Zenith-Data, Computer System Robot’ based on former Middlesbrough captain Tony Mowbray…Its surreal, funny and sad all at once. Its also not your average piece of theatre. I think it would appeal to a lot of people in Teesside..after all, it’s kind of written for them!”
Scott graduated from Stockton Riverside college over ten years ago and has worked as a successful actor ever since with appearances on Byker Grove and The Bill. He has worked extensively in theatre, mainly at Northern Stage in Newcastle and also does live voice-over work for Sky One.

You can catch the show at ARC this Thursday at 7pm and it is priced on ARC’s Pay What You Decide pricing, which means you only pay after watching the show and how much you pay is completely up to you, however booking a seat beforehand is advised.
Seats can be booked by calling ARC’s Box Office on 01642 525199 or online at
Suitability: 16+                      

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