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Review: David Callaghan & Carl Hutchinson at Newcastle Alphabetti Theatre

David Callaghan & Carl Hutchinson
Newcastle Alphabetti Theatre
27th July 2016

Two Edinburgh Fringe previews at Newcastle’s fabulous Alphabetti Theatre on a Pay What You Feel basis: what’s not to like?

David Callaghan
First up was David Callaghan with his show “Let's Get This Partly Started”. Two large screens a pair of £20 curved shop security mirrors and a laptop provide a near planetarium experience. Oscillating between the two screens is David dressed in all white overalls.

The show moves from knowledge about spiders and space, blaming old English people for the Brexit mess through to celebrity endorsements. The show ties in the various projections with astute observations.  It isn’t political, relying more on the nature of society.

David has a fast-paced, friendly delivery. You don’t need to worry about sitting at the front and getting picked on. This is a reflective tale that includes good old Ivor The Engine and the family dog.

After a quick reorganisation of the furniture we were entertained by Carl Hutchinson previewing his solo show “The Fixer”.

Carl Hutchinson
Carl starts the show by posing the question: “If you were MP for the day, which law would you pass?” After a few suggestions from the flow Carl has some of his own.

Now Carl is a friendly, approachable sort of chap who doesn’t appear to be out to embarrass the audience when they help the show to flow with their ideas. The audience ideas will amaze the other members of the audience as much as they do Carl if tonight is anything to go by. Tonight’s suggestions range from bringing back the death penalty and the totally sensible suggestion to ban Audi drivers from the road. Carl contradicts himself, by the same token, by suggesting we should ban reminiscences by staging a show that relies on many such moments.

Carl has a really engaging and friendly manner which means he quickly gets his audience on board.  He keeps the show light hearted and a good laugh. He offers a common sense solution to a number of social problems. This is a happy show which finishes with a fabulous moment off Middlesbrough’s Transport Bridge.

This review was written by Stephen Oliver for Jowheretogo PR ( Follow Jo on twitter @jowheretogo, Stephen @panic_c_button or like Jowheretogo on Facebook

Edinburgh Fringe Tickets:
David Callaghan: Let's Get This Partly Started at  Just the Tonic at The Mash House (Venue 288) @11:50 – Details:
Carl Hutchinson: The Fixer at The Stand Comedy Club 5 & 6 (Venue 319) @ 9pm – Details:


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