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Preview: Disability For Dunces at EdFringe



Disability For Dunces: Volume Two

Edinburgh preview: Newcastle Stand Comedy Club Sunday 24th July 2016 @ 5:30 pm

Edinburgh Fringe: Edinburgh Stand Comedy Club Five Friday 5thSunday 28th August 2016 @ 1:15pm

BBC New Comedy Award winner, Lost Voice Guy, will use his unique style of humour to entertain and educate audiences at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August, in his new show ‘Disability For Dunces: Volume Two’. 

The comedian, who cannot talk and uses an iPad to tell his jokes, will shine a light on the general public’s view of disability and shatter some of the perceptions that they may have.  

Lost Voice Guy often gets asked if he’s as clever as Stephen Hawking, if he really needs all that benefit money, if he really can’t talk at all and If he can have relationships. And that’s usually just minutes after he has met the person asking him. 

Photo: Caroline Briggs
‘Disability For Dunces: Volume Two’, will be at The Stand Comedy Club Five on York Place at 1.15pm from the 5th until the 28th of August (except Mondays) and will act as an amusing self help guide to those people who get awkward around disabled people and blurt out the first thing that comes into their head. Watch a clip from the show at 

Lost Voice Guy, real name Lee Ridley and from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, lost his speech as a baby when he developed Cerebral Palsy. He won the BBC New Comedy Award in December 2014.

Photo: Caroline Briggs
35-year-old Ridley said: “I’m not sure why people get so awkward around disabled people but they definitely do! I’m often getting asked if I really can talk after my gigs, because obviously pretending to be disabled for the sake of entertainment is perfectly acceptable. Some people even ask if I can have sex…as an opening question! For the record, I definitely can. All of these questions are embarrassing for both of us. When I was asked some of them for the first time I was speechless. 

“Thanks to the current government and some of the media, many people just see disabled people as being stupid or as a burden to the country. Believe it or not, we’re not all benefit cheats and, yes, we are allowed a sense of humour as well. It’s almost as if we’re normal human beings. It is the people who portray this evil image of us and those who choose to believe it that are the problem. There may be a serious message behind it, but my show pokes fun at the awkwardness that exists and let’s everyone have a laugh about it.”

Ridley recently supported Patrick Kielty on tour and has appeared on BBC’s The One Show and BBC Scotland’s sitcom, Scot Squad. He has been described as “a wonderful comedian” by Little Britain’s Matt Lucas. After supporting him on his warm up tour, Ross Noble described Lost Voice Guy as “a very funny guy”, Sean Hughes thinks he is “fantastic” and Greg Proops says that he is “tremendous”.


The Fringe preview takes place at Newcastle’s Stand Comedy Club, on Sunday 24th July 2016 @ 5:30 pm: Tickets cost £5/£1 from call 0191 300 9700

Edinburgh Fringe: ‘Disability For Dunces: Volume Two’ is on at Edinburgh Stand Comedy Club Five from 5th– 28th  August 2016 (except Mondays). Tickets are available from The Stand box office on 0131 558 9005 or at 

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