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Preview: Lords and Ladies at Newcastle People’s Theatre

Terry Pratchett’s Lords and Ladies
Newcastle People’s Theatre
Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd July 2016

Building work may have started for the £1m+ redevelopment, but People’s Theatre stays open and the show goes on.

Amanita (Sarah Farmer), Granny Weatherwax (Kath Frazer),
Magrat Garlick (Sarah Scott), Nanny Ogg (Val Russell)
and Diamanda (Jessica Chapman)
Photos: Paula Smart
They’re welcoming the holiday season with Terry Pratchett’s Lords And Ladies, a summer special and fun & Fantasy. You will be transported to the weird, faraway Discworld, where King Verence is to marry Magrat Garlick, a witch who’s finding it rather awkward adapting to court life at Lancre Castle.

Granny Weatherwax (Kath Frazer), Amanita (Sarah Farmer), Diamanda (Jessica Chapman) and Nanny Ogg (Val Russell) - Photos: Paula Smart
But an incursion of elves from a parallel universe prompts an outbreak of mischief, involving trolls, Morris Dancers, and even the odd passing orangutan.

They’re no strangers to Discworld and this funny and fast-moving adaptation of (the much- missed) Sir Terry’s fourteenth novel in the series sees the welcome return of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, along with a cast of thousands (well, dozens, anyway) to our Irana Brown’s stage adaptation brings vividly to life all of the zany charm of Pratchett’s world without losing any of his quirky literary allusions. So for all of you Shakespeare fans out there, in the same way that Wyrd Sisters was an irreverent take on Macbeth, Lords and Ladies is an equally funny parody of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Granny Weatherwax (Kath Frazer) and Nanny Ogg (Val Russell)
Photos: Paula Smart
It promises to be lots of fun, and we advise audiences to get booked up early to avoid disappointment. Please note that this production is showing a week later than was originally advertised in some of the publicity. All patrons who had already booked prior to this date change have been notified.

Amanita (Sarah Farmer) and Diamanda (Jessica Chapman)  - Photos: Paula Smart
Lords And Ladies is the last play of their current Season. The next Season will start in September and includes Alan Bennett’s Lady In The Van; smash-hit comedy One Man, Two Guvnors; a classic Christie whodunit and our Panto Jack And The Beanstalk. Tickets will be on sale for all of these and more from the end of July/early August.

Lords and Ladies arrives at the People’s Theatre in Newcastle from Tuesday 19thto Saturday 23rd July 2016
TICKETS: £13.50 (Concessions £11)

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