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The North East Theatre Guide follows just 2 simple principles:

1.       We only ask “did we enjoy the show?” We are not critics, journalists or drama teachers so we don’t have an axe to grind, an ego to flex, papers to sell or an exam syllabus to compare it to. A play can be enjoyable even if it has faults. A play can be dull even though it is technically ticking the boxes. We are simply members of the audience that say it how we feel it. Yes, we do get asked to review shows, but we pride ourselves on saying it as we feel it. Which leads us to point 2…

2.       We are happy to go out on a limb. There have been plenty of examples when we liked a show that others didn’t and vice versa. We are not trying to sell papers and sometimes it shows.  Another point is that we are often first to publish our reviews so we don’t get the chance to see how others feel before we go public.

We love the feedback that we’ve had over the years. To be honest we are amazed anyone reads our stuff, the fact that readership runs to tens of thousands every month in nothing short of amazing.

Thanks to you all for reading the reviews. We really do appreciate the likes, shares and retweets. If you fancy sending in a review then please be our guest. We are happy to have reviews from other members of the audience.

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