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Preview: Paint Your Wagon at Newcastle Tyne Theatre

The Search is On - Calling All Cowboys

Paint Your Wagon
Newcastle Tyne Theatre & Opera House
Wednesday 22nd- Saturday 25th November 2017 

Tickets are available from the Tyne Theatre box office or online: Tickets from our afilliate Eventim

Starlight Theatre Productions return to Tyne Theatre & Opera House in 2017 with the wonderful musical comedy Paint Your Wagon!

Alan Davison as Ben
We're 'On our way' to 'Paint Your Wagon'. We can offer to 'Hand me down that can of beans' when we 'Call the Wind Maria' as we search for would- be prospectors/ cowboys and sultry saloon girls to grace the stage at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House for Starlight Theatre Productions November production of Paint Your Wagon.

This show presents a rare opportunity to take part and sing this wonderful score by Frederick Loewe. The show is not often performed because it relies on a large male cast. We already have some talented performers ready to strut their stuff but we require more prospectors/ cowboys to share in the fun and really rip those fantastic songs to the rafters of the Tyne Theatre. Of course Prospectors need some female entertainment and we are also looking to recruit some saloon girls to help the prospectors spend the gold they have dug from 'them thar hills'! 

Hannah Elliott as Jennifer
The book and lyrics are by Alan J. Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe. The story centres on a miner ( Ben Rumson) and his teenage daughter, Jennifer, and follows the lives and loves of the people in a mining camp in Gold Rush-era California

Rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings at the Union Jack Club, Throckley starting at 7.30. If you think you are 'A Wandrin' Star' and  like to 'Talk to the Trees' then why not channel your inner prospector and join us in the gold rush this November ask to join the Paint Your Wagon Cast and Crew page on Facebook where all information relating to the show can be found.

The Show
Set in 1850’s California during the gold rush, the story begins with Jennifer, Ben Rumson’s teenage daughter, discovering gold. News travels fast and prospectors from all around rush to Rumson Creek to make their fortune.

Being the only female in town Jennifer has to deal with many frustrated gold miners, but eventually strikes up a close friendship with a Mexican called Julio.

Jacob, a middle aged Mormon arrives at Rumson Creek and is only allowed to stay on the condition he auctions one of his two wives, after some deliberation he agrees and Elizabeth is sold to Ben.

Jake a miner makes his money and builds a Music Hall and consequently sends for his wife Cherry. With her she brings wagon loads of fandangos – much to the men’s delight. The gold begins to run out and slowly the men pack up and move on.

A musical feel-good comedy with lots of fabulous musical numbers and energy.


Ben Rumson -   Alan Davison
Jennifer Rumson  -   Hannah Elliot
Steve Bullnack -  Alan Tomkins
Julio Valveras - Michael Skoyles
Jacob Woodling - Bryan Watson
Sarah Woodling - Rebecca Watson
Elizabeth Woodling - Kim Wilde
Jake Whipping - Ian Cairns
Cherry - Louise Armstrong
Mike Mooney - Dave Rawlings

Tickets are available from the Tyne Theatre box office or online: Tickets from our afilliate Eventim

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