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Preview: From Ibiza to The Norfolk Broads at Sunderland Royalty Theatre


From Ibiza to The Norfolk Broads
Sunderland Royalty Theatre
Tuesday 14th February 2017

Sunderland Stages latest theatre show is setting pulses racing this Valentine’s day with the emotive theatre performance Ibizato the Norfolk Broads at the Royalty Theatre, which features a blistering David Bowie soundtrack.

The script which was read and enjoyed by Bowie himself before his death, follows the story of Martin, a bullied and isolated teenage whose obsession for Bowie, a trait inherited from his absent father, sustains him.

On his 18thbirthday, when Martin’s alcoholic mother gives him a letter from his father, he finds a letter and a map from Bowie hidden inside and he embarks upon a journey across London to discover the birthplace, haunts and history of his hero and retrace his father’s footsteps before making a chilling discovery of his own.

A contemporary and theatrical road movie, Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads is a heart-warming, funny and moving tribute to anyone who has ever loved music and a must see for any Bowie fan.

The Company
Adrian Berry is Artistic Director of Jacksons Lane in London. He is also the writer and director of Jack Pleasure and Dye Young/Stay Pretty amongst many other productions.
Alex Walton is an acclaimed actor of stage &screen, working internationally and also the lead in the new film for the band Suede to accompany their new album Night Thoughts.
Rob Newman was the first comedian to sell out Wembley Arena and is an acclaimed writer, impressionist and novelist.

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