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Preview: Dance is Life at Middlesbrough Theatre

Interview with Strictly Come Dancing's very own Giovanni Pernice ahead of his first UK tour

'il ballo e vita' / 'Dance is Life'
Middlesbrough Theatre
Thursday 20th July 2017

Hi Giovanni, tell us a bit about your forthcoming ‘Il ballo è vita’ tour. Where did its inspiration come from?
‘Il ballo e vita’ translates to ‘Dance is Life’ and is a saying that I have always believed in. Dance is something I have wanted to do all my life so this is where the inspiration for the show came from.
What can audience members expect on stage when they turn up at the theatre for your UK tour?
The show is not just a dance and talk show but a beautiful story, taking place in a Sicilian café with 8 amazing world class dancers.
Congratulations on setting a Guinness World Record. How did you manage 55 jive kicks and flicks in 30 seconds?
I have been practising all my life, Jive is my favourite style so I always like to practice more than the other dances and I am really pleased with the result.
Going back to your early days as a dancer, how did you get involved in dance? Did you always want to be a dancer / choreographer?
When I was young I used to watch Come Dancing in Italy and I liked the connection between the males and females and the beauty of the movement and chemistry between the two dancers.
Dance is Life is the English translation of your tour’s name. What would you be if you weren’t a dancer?
Erm... I’m not sure I can think of anything different as from such a young age I wanted to be a dancer.
You’ve been on Strictly Come Dancing since 2015. How did that come about?
I was always a fan of the show so I auditioned. It was great for them to pick me, it was a dream come true.
And what makes the show so special from a dancer’s perspective?
It’s just like a big family. Everyone is working towards the same goal and working for the same reason.
You reached the final in your first season, did that surprise you?
Yes. Being on the show is a dream come true and to reach the final was a bonus as well as a big shock.
What have been your 3 favourite Strictly moments from your two seasons on the programme and why?
The first dance I did in my first year… It was all new and exciting yet scary to work on something new. Nothing can replace that feeling.
When I reached the final as it was great to know that the public appreciated and loved the work I did with my celebrity partner.
The group numbers, I enjoy working with the professionals to create a dramatic and spectacular piece.
You’ve got a tattoo with ‘Nato Per Vincere’ meaning ‘Born To Win’ written on your arm? Will you win Strictly next year?
I will try my best. I’m very competitive so I will always give it my all.
Are you going to miss head judge Len Goodman now he’s retired from Strictly?
Yes, of course, we all love him.
Do you prefer Latin to Ballroom? And what is your favourite dance and why?
Latin is cheeky, fun and fast and works well with my personality.
On Strictly you have to choreograph one dance for a celebrity each week. What are the main differences from choreographing a dance for Strictly and coming up with a full show of your own?
On Strictly, we start with the steps and then put technique and music. Whereas with my own tour,
the focus is more on performing the dance and making it into a spectacular and theatrical piece.
Describe yourself in three words.
Cheeky, funny, and of course beautiful
And the plug: Why should people buy tickets to see you in ‘Dance is Life’?
The show is different every other dance show, not only will the audience get have an insight into what I am really like, but also it tells a wonderful story of love and life. I am dancing with the amazing Luba Musktuk who is also a dancer on the show, plus we have 3 more professional couples from the world of dance.

What - 'il ballo e vita' / 'dance is life'
When – Thursday 20th July2017, 19:30
Where - Middlesbrough Theatre
Tickets - Full Price £26, Concessions £25
Box Office - 01642815181

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