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Review: Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes at Newcastle Live Theatre

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Enchanted Equilibria

The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes
Newcastle Live Theatre 

Until Saturday 17th December 2016 

Written by Nina Berry
Co-directed by Max Roberts and Graeme Thompson

Dean Bone and Heather Carroll appear as Charlie and Rosie. The two random people whose lives happen to overlap in Nina Berry’s first full length play. It is a wonderful exploration into the endless possibilities of human relationships and the probability of staying in control.

The action begins on a winter’s day in Newcastle’s Heaton Park. Rosie is 7 and is hoping her Mum will let her go and play in the park. Charlie, 9, is already in the park having a snowball fight. Eventually they meet up and discuss the infinite forms that our snowflakes can take.
They meet up again at the same spot 7 years later whilst bunking off school. The difference being that the wide eyed naivety has been replaced with teenage angst. The 2 children are still exploring their environment but through the haze of distrust that comes with the after effects of puberty.

The play evolves and the couple move apart, get jobs and find it difficult to take control as other people interact and make decisions that affect their chances in life. The play suggests that we have limited control of our own destiny. What a frightening thought!
What is remarkable is the clarity of the observations made in Nina Berry’s script. Dean and Heather are able to show the appropriate emotion and awkwardness of each situation which in turn really strikes you as a member of the audience.

This is a tight thought provoking production thanks to co-directors Max Roberts and Graeme Thompson. Luke W Robson has produced an icy set with fabulous “snowy” lighting from Nick Rogerson. Beth Brennan’s music and Craig Spence’s sound design are unobtrusive yet highly complementary to the action.  This show has clearly been a terrific team effort.

Dean and Heather’s characters drew me into their hearts and left me wanting more. The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes is admirable. A passionate play about passion and the random nature of our futures, it is a great play to finish another astounding year of new writing at Live Theatre. Roll on 2017, I cannot wait to see what it’ll bring.

Review by Stephen Oliver (Twitter: @panic_c_button)

The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes is at Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne from Thursday 8 to Saturday 17 December. Tickets £10, £8 concessions. For more information or to book tickets visit or contact Live Theatre’s box office on (0191) 232 1232. 

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