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Preview: King Lear at Washington Arts Centre

King Lear
Washington Arts Centre
Thursday 26th May 2016
Third year drama students from Sunderland University are very excited to perform King Lear as part of the Sunderland Festival. This performance represents the Stage Three’s final major project and is especially significant due to the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

King Lear explores a kingdom divided on a whim, a King who loses first his family, then his throne and then his mind. In the gathering storm, families divide, friendships are tested and loyalties are betrayed. This modernised ad adapted version of the classic text hopes to stimulate, entertain and engage its audience; in a play of emotional and familial turmoil.

Ross Scott who will be playing King Lear stated “I am really thankful to be entrusted with such a challenging role and I hope that I can do it justice. The rehearsals are really strong and although the text is complicated the cast make it very easy and rewarding.” Rachel Otterson who will be playing Goneril stated “It is such a great opportunity for me as an actress to be playing such a complex role, the rehearsal possess has been really enjoyable and I look forward to performing with such a talented ensemble.”
The head of the BA hons Drama program at The University of Sunderland and director of King Lear Adelle Hulsmeier stated: ‘For the past 3 months, the students have worked hard to grapple with the complex issues embroiled in this play. They have been stretched by the work, and rise to the challenges of the text with professionalism and dedication. It will be a great play to come and support’.


Third year drama students at the University of Sunderland will present William Shakespeare’s King Lear at The Arts Centre Washington on the 26th May 2016. Tickets £7.50 / £6.00 (conc)

Tickets are available from the Arts Centre Washington and can be bought online ( or phone the box office Tel: 0191 219 3455

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