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Preview: From There to You, From Here to Me at Newcastle Northern Stage

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From There to You, From Here to Me

Newcastle Northern Stage
Tuesday 19th  - Wednesday 20th  April 2016

A child is missing, a mother is dying and somewhere in the middle a woman is trying to make sense of it all...
From there to you, from here to me is a new play that explores the idea of identity and asks through its characters what it is that makes us who we are.

Agnes is watching her mother slowly die whilst preparing for the pregnancy of her first child. Mary is dying and desperate to say goodbye on more than just a forced smile. Together they try to make amends for a failed relationship before it’s all too late. Together they try to understand one another just a little better. Together they will better understand themselves.

Agnes sits with her mum Mary. They record conversations about their life and share memories for posterity. But when Mary's recollections start to change from what Agnes thinks is true the two women soon find a friction between them unearthing something deeper in the detail of what is not said. It is suddenly apparent that their life together is a puzzle with missing pieces. 


It’s about motherhood and identity, it’s about learning who you are and taking control of that. It’s about the way we construct meaning to our lives through self discovery and understanding  The idea of what reality is, the idea of there being such a thing as a ‘truth’. Can you ever know someone for certain, even your own parent or child? It’s about what changes when the history we understand and feel defined by is suddenly turned on it’s head, and our understanding of who we are is certainly false. It’s about holding a mirror up to the audience and asking who we are when know one else is there to see the reflection.

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From There to You, From Here to Me appears at Newcastle’s Northern Stage on
Tuesday 19th  - Wednesday 20th  April 2016 at 7.45pm. Tickets cost £10 / £8 (concs.) and are available from the website:

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