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Preview: Richard III at Newcastle People’s Theatre

Richard III
by William Shakespeare
Newcastle People’s Theatre
Tuesday 8th to Saturday 12th March 2016

Think Donald Trump’s a ruthless politician? Just wait until you meet Richard! 

The cut and thrust of modern politics gets more extreme by the day: verbal assaults and hard talk, from the House of Commons to the Republican primaries. But back in Richard’s day, the cut and thrust was for real. If you got in this guy’s way – well, let’s just say to be “stabbed in the back” was not metaphorical…

 “Conscience is but a word that cowards use, devised at first to keep the strong in awe”

Colin Jeffrey as Richard
Photos: Paula Smart
RICHARD III is Shakespeare’s dark and bloody re-writing of history dramatising the ruthless rise to power of the English king known ever since as one of theatre’s greatest villains. The sly and dissembling Richard, Duke of Gloucester, murders his way to the English throne in a Machiavellian coup d’etat; but his merciless reign is short-lived, as the ghosts of his murderous past come back to haunt him.

Colin Jeffrey as Richard &
Geffen Yoeli-Rimmer as Anne
Photos: Paula Smart
Intrigues in palace staterooms; murky deeds in dungeons; full-scale battles. Making full use of our acting talent, Brian Green’s large-cast production will fill the stage in a way few professional companies can today. The director said: “This play is the anatomy of a machiavel; a play of carnage and cutlery; the story of dirty Dick, the child-killer.”

Photos: Paula Smart
Perhaps surprisingly, this is only the second time the People’s Theatre has staged this particular one of the Bard’s classics in our century-long history. So chase away that wintry discontent and be sure to get along to catch what will be a memorable production of this epic tale.
Richard III comes to The People’s Theatre from Tuesday 8th to Saturday 12th March 2016. Tickets are £13.50 (Concessions £11)
Box Office: 0191 265 5020 or


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