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Preview: Play Dough at Stockton ARC

Five Reasons why you should bring the kids to see Play Dough
Play Dough
Stockton ARC
Wednesday 9th March 2016

Unlimited Theatre will be arriving at ARC on Wednesday 9 March with their new show, Play Dough, which is all about money, and ARC give five reasons why you should bring the whole family along to see it – you might just learn a thing or two!

The play follows two cousins, Queenie and TooMuch, and through plenty of fun and games looks at the meaning of money and what might happen if it didn’t mean anything at all.

After the financial crash, Queenie’s family lost all their cash, so instead of enjoying their lavish life in London, they are forced to move in with relatives in Edinburgh.

But Queenie can’t understand just where all her banker father’s money went, so she enlists the help of her cousin, Too Much, to find out.

Along the way, the audience have the chance to take part in a series of interactive games that will explain how money really works. And the loser gets a pie in the face!

If that doesn’t persuade you, here are five reasons why you should come and enjoy the show:

The fantastic cast
Unlimited Theatre do a great job of making their subject matter accessible for the whole family. But it’s the cast who really get the audience engaged, with their sheer enthusiasm and spark, they have the crowd chanting their names in no time!

It will bring out your competitive side
When you come to see Play Dough, the audience will be split in half, with one side on Queenie’s team and the other with Too Much. Some of the audience will get to go up on stage and take part in the games while the rest of the team cheer them on.
But be warned, once the games begin, you will want to win – and there’s no cheating allowed!

You get to play with real money
Have you ever seen 10,000 real pound coins?
Not only will you get to see what they look like in real-life, you’ll get to play games with them too. But sadly, you can’t take them home afterwards…

The whole family will learn something new
Play Dough is a lot of fun, but it will also teach you a lot about how money works and how bankers make investments. The show is written in a clever way that uses the games to explore the world of banking, but the best thing is that you can simply enjoy the fun side of the games, or you can be inspired to think about where your money comes from and what would happen if it didn’t exist.

When else would you get to give someone a pie in the face?
One team has to lose, and that means that either Queenie or Too Much will be having a close encounter with a custard pie. Who gets it, is up to you!

Performances take place on Wednesday 9 March at 1.30pm and 6pm and tickets cost £6 each, or £20 for a family of four. School bookings are also being taken for the event. Tickets can be booked by calling 01642 525199 or by booking online at

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