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Preview: Continuum at Newcastle Alphabetti Theatre

Continuum written by Richard Stockwell
Newcastle Alphabetti Theatre
Tuesday 22nd – Friday 25th March 2016

Directed by Ali Pritchard
Performed by Arabella Arnott, James Barton, Matt Jamie, Rosie Stancliffe

If you wake up and find your personality has changed – is it still you? If it isn’t, what use are your memories or people from your past?

Ben is not the same person he was before the accident. His memory is unreliable, his temper is unpredictable and his personality has completely changed. The police are determined for him to piece together the day of the accident, but what if he doesn’t want to?  Does Ben really not remember his girlfriend, or is his memory protecting him? Can he rebuild the past? Is there any point in doing so?

We are the culmination of a chain of stories that lead to the now – what happens when that chain is broken? Continuum is a play that attempts to answer these questions as Ben struggles to overcome the strange world brought on by his injury.

From Alphabetti Theatre - Winner of 2015 Best New Writing Award from North East Theatre Guide

Directed by Ali Pritchard, previous work described as:
“Original, off the wall and clever. An insight into a brilliant mind.” BBC Radio 4 Producer – August 2012

Written by Richard Stockwell, previous work has been described as:
“Intelligent and often witty” NARC March 2015

“Sophisticatedly complex.” UK Theatre Network – June 2009

“Passions run high and events shock and surprise in equal measure.” The Public Reviews – June 2009

Note from Alphabetti’s Artistic Director Ali Pritchard about why Pay What You Feel:

I keep getting asked:  "Why are we doing Pay What You Feel for tickets?"
Yes true we are a small independent theatre that live on a shoestring, constantly on the brink of financial devastation - similar to lots of cultural organisations. However at our core we believe that great art and theatre shouldn't be exclusive to those who can afford it, it should be made available to all. This is the same reason why all our tickets are under £10, so this Pay What You Feel experiment is just the next step. We're confident that audience members will pay what they can, paying what they think it deserves - it's a trust thing. In these tough financial times we must stick to together if we want to see cultural organisations survive, and that starts by the masses visiting and enjoying them, not simply the lucky few who can afford them. These four performances are a preview before a 2017 tour and we want as many people to come and see it. All around the UK venues are offering similar schemes with mixed success and we just hope that the ever popular geordie good nature extends to this experiment.

When: Performance starts 7:30pm
Where Alphabetti Theatre, The Basement of 18 New Bridge Street West Newcastle upon Tyne,  NE1 8AW

Ticket Price Pay what you feel
Running Length Approx 1 hour.
Age Recommendation 14+ (please be aware strong language is used)

Written by Richard Stockwell, originally developed with Live Theatre

Directed & Produced by Ali Pritchard
Assistant Producer Josie Deacon

Performed by:
Matt Jamie
Rosie Stancliffe
Arabella Arnott
James Barton

Designed by James Pickering

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