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Review: Steffen Peddie's Chat Show Thing at Newcastle Stand

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Steffen Peddie's Chat Show Thing

Newcastle Stand Comedy Club

Sunday 31st January 2016

Steffen Peddie
There was a time when Terry Wogan, who sadly died today, dominated the television ratings with a chat show with a wide variety of guest. The way in which he was better than Michael Parkinson, and much better than Jonathan Ross, is that he would let his guests take centre stage. Terry would throw an open question and sit back as the guest was able to articulate their feelings and values. It wasn’t about Terry but the interesting people that sat opposite him. The audience felt the pain, the excitement and the joys of human emotion.

Fast forward to 2016 and Steffen Peddie hosts a monthly Sunday slot in the intimate confines of the Stand Comedy Club. The January show had a healthy crowd who were entertained by a canny crop of guests. Steffen much in the mould of Wogan, allowing each guest to open up without incessant interruptions.  The end result is a classic chat show.  Except there are no cameras, no censors and anything can slip out.

First up was a warm up act, The Mimic Men,comprising of local breakfast radio star Alfie Joey and Cal Halbert. Starting with the funny A-Z of impressions, and concluding with a version of Frozen, the pair used a variety of impersonations to entertain.  They are in with a great chance of success when they appear at Britain’s Got Talent later in the year.

Steffen started the show to explain that everyone had offered their service for free so that all of the money taken could be used to help little Kian Musgrove who’s story has been in the newspapers recently. The 3 year old lad needs treatment abroad as he is suffering from a second case of cancer. A fund raising page is on the internet at

Steffen started the comedy with some inappropriate old adverts and some of the crazy stuff from the internet. It just goes to show that Dave Gorman hasn’t got the monopoly on funny powerpoint presentations.

Scott Tyrell
The first guest was the 2015 BBC Edinburgh Festival Poetry Slam champion Scott Tyrell( NETG News LINK). The conversation was a fascinating mix of inspiration for the poet and the nature of performing. The North East’s love of the brevity of language was celebrated.

Rob Temple
Hypnotist Rob Temple has turned from a child magician to an adult hypnotist. Steffen’s approach is never patronising. He gets the guest to discuss the questions that the audience are wondering about hypnotism.

Stephen Cochrane
Music came from ex-This Ground Moves songwriterStephen Cochrane. During his 2 sets Stephen played a mixture of new and older material. Steffen is clearly a fan. It is a shame that both of Stephen’s new albums have not seen the light of day yet.  His music has featured on tv during the CSI series and deserves a bigger audience.

Vicki Elliott
The last guest also starred in the tv series Hebburn. Vicki Elliott was happy to discuss her appearance at Northern Stage next month in Get Carter, Hebburn and the Harry Hill written X-Factor musical. (Get Carter preview LINK: ). The format of the show enabled Vicky to open up with her amusing anecdotes.

The evening finished with questions from the audience which brought about a number of laughs.

Photo: Andy Hollingworth
The show works as Steffen is a great host who puts everyone at ease so they feel they can talk. If Carlsberg made chat shows then this would be it.

Steffen is currently touring his solo show (’99 Problems’ NETG Review LINK) and the chat show returns each month at the stand from which tickets can be bought from The Stand: from their box office on 0191 300 9700. 

This review was written by Stephen Oliver for the North East Theatre Guide from Jowheretogo PR ( Follow Jo on twitter @jowheretogo, Stephen @panic_c_button or like Jowheretogo on Facebook

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