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Preview: Squirrels at Washington Arts Centre

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Girls Are Doing It For Themselves!

Washington Arts Centre
Thursday 4th February 2016

North East company Operating Theatre is back at the Arts Centre Washington with a new play which pulls no punches about the effect of a lack of funding in the NHS.    

Both funny and moving, Squirrels is the story of how  a group of young women with mental health problems decide to go it alone and  form their own support  group when they can’t get the help they need.

The play, written by Operating Theatre director, Alex Elliott takes a look long hard look at how young people suffering from such things as depression, anxiety, and issues of self worth, are too often left to fend for themselves, sometimes with tragic results.

‘The fact is that many young people are falling through the cracks when it comes to getting help, ’ he said. ‘And although the play is about this very serious situation, it also offers real hope in the way in which one young woman in particular ends up as a kind of advocate for the problem.’

Squirrels is the third Operating Theatre play about how lack of NHS funding is affecting various vulnerable groups in society. The first, For the Best, focussed on care for people with learning disability while the second, The Sitting Room dealt with care for the elderly.

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Squirrels is on at Arts Centre Washington on Thursday 4 February at 7.30pm. 
Tickets are £8.50 / £6 (concession) and can be booked at by calling 0191 219 3455.

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