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Preview: Friends The Musical Parody at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre

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The first UK Tour of Friends The Musical Parody is coming to Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre and Opera House
Sunday 1st November 2020 at 6pm (Doors: 5pm)
The New York and Las Vegas hit musical, Friends! The Musical Parody, is coming to Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Sunday 1st November 2020.
Following huge success in the US, Friends! The Musical Parody will be going on tour for the first time in the UK and Ireland.
This hilarious musical lovingly lampoons the hit TV sitcom which became a cultural institution with millions of fans across the globe.

Like the original television series, it follows the lives of six wacky 20-somethings and goes back in time to celebrate and poke fun at some of their most iconic moments as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life, and love in 1990’s Manhattan. 
Led by a talented cast who nail the quirks, the mannerisms and the catchphrases of the TV Show characters.  Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Rachel, haven’t gone anywhere and are singing and dancing their way back into our hearts in a delightful musical parody that harnesses the nostalgia for the iconic TV show and takes it to hilarious new places. 
Theatre Director Joanne Johnson said “We’re very excited to welcome the first UK tour of Friends – The Musical Parody onto our stage. It’s had huge success in America and the TV series still is a huge phenomenon to this day. Fans of the TV show won’t want to miss out on this.”
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