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Preview: Welcome to Paradise at Arts Centre Washington

Welcome to Paradise
Arts Centre Washington
Thursday 30th November 2017

Welcome to Paradise is the brand new show from controversial Gaulier trained performers A Ship of Fools Theatre Company that comes to Arts Centre Washington on Thursday 30 November

A rollercoaster of audience interactive clowning that tap dances back and forth over the lines of decency to shock and horrify the audience.   This playful, hilarious and anarchic Bouffon comedy explodes traditional images of Christmas, greed and consumerism.

Two likeable trickster tramps toy with the audience creating an exciting and thrilling atmosphere and shower the audience with sweets, toys and gifts. Then just as they think they understand the world they are in, the Captain and Raoul shift gears and confront them with a hard truth of Christmas, that
of Santa’s sweatshop “elves”. That’s when the fun really begins the as the audience face the reality of the awful horror that our consumer choices have on the people who support our privileged way of life.

“Master’s of their craft” Porl Cooper - Slung Low

“The cleverest, darkest funniest comedy I think I’ve ever seen” Jonny Unknown

“Exciting, thrilling, challenging and ultimately very human.” Adam Pownall Lincoln Drill Hall

“Light, fun and nasty in all the right places.” Michael Burgos, Award winning theatre maker

Their work has been likened to Python, Dr Brown, Red Bastard, and League of Gentlemen with the awkward laughter of Ricky Gervais with a flavour of Chris Morris’ jam.
Whilst other company’s use theatre to point the finger at bastard politicians, heads of business the “patriarchy” and the “elite”, Ship of Fools want to remind the audience that there is a bastard in all of us too.

This can really push a lot of peoples buttons and create a strong reaction in an audience, after all who really likes to be reminded that they are a bastard too?

Welcome to
Paradise comes to Arts Centre Washington
on Thursday 30th November.  Tickets are from £6 and are available from or by calling 0191 561 3455

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