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News: Comedian puts on shows to entertain families (who aren’t boring!)

Comedian puts on shows to entertain families (who aren’t boring!)

Every Thursday, comedian Lee Kyle presents a show for families that he records in his own living room to no live audience. Because of, you know, the rules.

'Very funny' - Primary Times
'The leader of the revolution' - The Times
'The Kids Completely Lose it, Parents cover their faces and laughter with their hands; This is genuine fringe comedy' - Deadline News

Cheeky tour-de-force Lee Kyle (“very funny” Primary Times) is helping families around the UK laugh, with an hour of live comedy streamed directly into their homes every Thursday throughout the pandemic. The only catch is, it’s for families who aren’t boring!

Having entertained audiences of all ages up and down the country for the past 10 years, Lee has suddenly found himself performing alone in his own front room because of, you know… The Rules. Each show features a host of guests that look and sound suspiciously like Lee, making for lots of laughs for the kids as well as the adults.

It’s easier to say what it isn’t than what it is, it’s not the show you’d expect a kids comedy show to be if you’ve never seen one.  Lee is silly and rude but never talks down to the young audience, instead allowing them to feel like a grown up comedy crowd rather than some toddlers at a library storytime.

Lee has hosted the kids show at The Stand in Newcastle for 5 years, headlined the family show at The Comedy Store, played various theatres for Comedy Club 4 Kids and done TV warm up for CBBC. He’s worked with both Sweep, Jedward and Basil Brush.

Lee Kyle’s ‘Giant Comedy Shows for Families (Who Aren’t Boring!)’ will be broadcast live online, every Thursday during the lockdown at 2pm.
The show may be daft, silly and even cheeky but it’s suitable for families. 
You can find it on Facebook (, Youtube ( ) or via his website

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