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Preview: Early Doors at Darlington Hole In The Wall


Early Doors
Darlington The Hole In The Wall
Monday 22nd - Thursday 25th May 2017

Darlington Theatre Town is an exciting new initiative to present the most ambitious and high quality theatre in Darlington. The project brings together the expertise of partners Creative Darlington, Darlington Hippodrome, Luxi, Theatre Hullabaloo and ODDMANOUT to cement Darlington’s place in the Tees Valleyas a Theatre Town and a place where theatre thrives.

The project, funded by the Arts Council and Darlington Borough Council, grew from the opportunity presented by the redevelopment of the Civic Theatre (opening as Darlington Hippodrome this Autumn), the exciting development of Theatre Hullabaloo’s new theatre for young audiences ‘The Hullabaloo’ (opening this Autumn) and the momentum that has built over the last couple of years around theatre in unusual places by events such as the award-winning Jabberwocky Market.

This creative project is launched with Early Doors, a celebration of community spirit and pub culture, presented by award-winning theatre company Not Too Tame who bring their production of Early Doors The Hole In The Wall in Darlington next week.

Not Too Tame Theatre is founded on the belief of ‘Theatre for All’, that everyone can take something away from. Artistic Director, Jimmy Fairhurst, “Early Doors is a love letter to the local boozer and the people who frequent it. A site specific, immersive show that incorporates live music, comedy, pathos and moments to warm your heart, it's a great night out condensed into an hour and a half's entertainment.”

Early Doors comes to The Hole In The Wall, Horsemarket, Darlington on Monday 22, Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25 May at 8pm. Recommended age 14+

Tickets £10 concessions £7
To book contact the Box Office on 01325 405405 or visit 

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