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Review: Frank Sumatra at Newcastle Alphabetti

The Simian Overlord Rules The Roost

Frank Sumatra
Newcastle Alphabetti Theatre
Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th May 2016

Balham Theatre N16, The Bedford
Monday 9th to Wednesday 18th May 2016

Written by Mike Yeaman
Directed by Neil Armstrong
Cast: Pip Chamberlin, Dean Logan and Hannah Walker.

Photo: Graeme Thompson
Bev and Keith are a young couple who are trying everything they can to get in the family way. They put issues to one side, such as Bev’s kleptomaniac mother or the lack of Keith’s earnings. However during a conversation about whose turn it was to put the bins out there is a knock at the door…

Their visitor is the orange orang-utan that they had adopted in lieu of a birthday present. What was a baby that had lost its home is now a teenager armed with Peppa Pig and an i-Pad with a speak and spell app. Frank quickly makes himself at home causing devastation in the kitchen. 

Photo: Graeme Thompson
Having a huge animal crawling around the house quickly changes their relationship and there ability to live a normal life. The resultant chaos leads to many great comedic moments that have the audience laughing regularly.

Photo: Graeme Thompson
The production not only has an unusual scenario to describe but does it in an unusual way.
Mike Yeaman’s play takes the format of a radio play with Dean Logan creating the many sounds of the orang-utan devastating the couple’s home. Leaving the trail of destruction to the audience’s imagination is a masterstroke.  

Photo: Graeme Thompson
Hannah Walker and Pip Chamberlin are delightful as the couple who did not anticipate the creatures arrival. The chemistry between the three members of the cast helps the comedic situations develop.

We had the pleasure of seeing the previous tour of Frank Sumatra NETG Review LINKand the quality of the script continues to shine through.

Frank Sumatra is a hilarious simian riot.

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Newcastle Alphabetti Theatre
Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th May 2016at 7.30pm Tickets: £7 Full /£5 Conc.

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