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Preview: La Traviata at Darlington Civic Theatre

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La Traviata
Darlington Civic Theatre
Tuesday 6th October 2015

Irina Bozhenko, Bolshoi Theatre soloist, is coming to Darlington Civic Theatre to perform in Verdi’s opera masterpiece La Traviata on Tuesday 6th October. The show features an impressive cast and accompanied by a large live Orchestra with over 30 musicians

Irina Bozhenko, who has starred in operas across the globe, will be making a guest appearance in Darlington, in the leading role of Violetta.  Following the enthusiastic reception which greeted the performance of Rigoletto opera earlier this year, the renowned Russian State Ballet and Opera House is back with one of the greatest of Verdi’s operas La Traviata – a love story shrouded in sacrifice and misunderstanding.

This haunting tragedy, with its beautiful arias, will transport you into the entrancing world of French High Society in the 1850s. One of the most powerful and moving of all tragic operas, Giuseppe Verdi brings the beguiling splendour and gaiety of mid-19th century Parisian life to the stage. But there is also heartbreak and pathos in this tragic and resonant morality tale in which Violetta, a high-society courtesan with a heart of gold, sacrifices everything for the man she loves.

It is deservedly one of Verdi’s most popular operas and probably the one with which he felt the closest emotional connection.

La Traviata, an ultimately tragic tale, combines compelling characters with hugely powerful, moving and instantly recognisable melodies, making it still, 162 years after its 1853 debut, one of the most emotionally engaging and popular operas of all time. It is a deeply moving opera filled with emotion and strokes of genius. The score encompasses an astonishing range of moods and emotions, from Alfredo’s aristocratic charms to Violetta’s vivid effervescence, perfectly captured in her toast to life and free will “Libiamo ne’ licit calici” (let’s drink from the joyful cups) and “Sempre libera” (always free) - a vocal showpiece to rival any other.

Here is an interview with Irina Bozhenko, who has starred in operas across the globe, and will be making a guest appearances in the leading role of Violetta in Darlington.

How old were you when you realised that you wanted to be an Opera singer?

I used to sing in kinder garden and then in school where I was part of the school choir. I went through a stage of trying to be like Whitney Huston. Especially, I used to love singing when I did chores at home.

What do you do after a performance?

We have a tradition with the cast – After any premiere we get together to celebrate and discuss the performance. We are all together in it, rehearsals, stress, and performances, so it’s important to share the feelings with each other and get it out of your chest.

How do you separate work from home?

I never bring my work home. Although sometimes if I can’t get things right I moan to my husband. He is a good musician so he understands what I am talking about.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I like to cook and being outside. Nothing extraordinary. Being surrounded by nature calms me down. It’s important for me to switch off at the right moment. We give so much emotion on stage it’s vital to recharge.

If you could, what message will you give to the audience?

Don’t be shy to show your emotions, it is really important for us. At the end of the day we are singing for you!

La Traviata is at Darlington Civic Theatre on Tuesday 6th October 2015.

Tickets* are £29 to £36.

*All ticket prices include a £1 restoration levy.

To book contact the Box Office on 01325 486 555 or visit


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