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REVIEW: Full Monty at Newcastle Theatre Royal

The Full Monty

Newcastle Theatre Royal

Until Saturday 2 March 2024

The play, based upon 1997 hit movie, is back in the region. The tale of unemployed steel workers trying to survive in the 1980s still hits home today. Simon Beaufoy, who also wrote the screenplay for the film, has crafted a script which alternates between empathetic pathos in one seen to a funny scene that had the audience laughing the next. It is a rollercoaster of emotions for the audience thanks to a cast that you can get behind.

Sheffield was a place in which you could leave school, get a job in the steelworks and your only worry was if your team won on Saturday. Unfortunately, the steel mills closed putting hundreds out of work. In this scenario we have Gaz (Danny Hatchard) who is trying to get the funds together to pay for the child maintenance for his son Nathan (performed on opening night by Rowan Poulton). Nathan lives with Gaz's ex Mandy (Laura Matthews) and her new partner Barry (Oliver Joseph Brooke). 

Gaz's latest money making scheme is to acquire some leftover steel to sell from his former work place with the help of his mate Dave (Neil Hurst). Desperate times lead to desperate actions and they don't always go to plan. As the pair feel sorry for themselves outside of the club, they become aware that the venue is full of screaming women who have paid good money to see the male stripper group The Chippendales. This leads, eventually to a plan: stage their own show. 

Joining them is a group of lads who work well together on stage despite the differences in character. First to join is steel mill security guard Lomper (Nicholas Prasad) followed by their former manager, and dance coach, Gerald (Bill Ward). Soon Horse (Ben Onwukwe). Finally Guy (Jake Quickenden) joins the troupe and rehearsals begin.

The journey to the final scene is not a smooth one, each advance often followed by a set back. But this is a heart warming comedy that not only made over $250 million as a film, which only cost £3.5 million to make, it also had packed out the Theatre Royal on opening night.

It isn't perfect... There are a number of pauses when the stage is set for the next scene, often whilst hits from the 80s/90s are being played. But, and this is important, a great cast deliver a satisfying fun show in which the jokes land well.

The Full Monty is a great laugh and a enjoyable night at the theatre.

Review: Stephen Oliver

Photos: Ellie Kurttz


The Full Monty plays Newcastle Theatre Royal Tuesday 27 February – Saturday 2 March 2024. Tickets can be purchased at or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 0191 232 7010.

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